You Should Know About These Shows From Hera Seoul Fashion Week FW 2019

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Hera Seoul Fashion Week had it’s very last FW 2019 shows just a couple of days ago, and it’s still on everyone’s mind. The five days event packed as much fashion as possible and prepared the Korean fashion-savvy for the following cold season.

Chang Kwang Hyo and few other names, including Sewing Boundaries who seemed to know the essence of Korean street style fashion – including the beloved long puffer jacket, bravely opened day one of Seoul Fashion Week. Besides the well-tailored men suit the South Korean designer introduced in his Caruso Menswear collection long aprons with a canvas feel. Ultimately the apron becomes a look-alike real-life art piece.

Songzio showcased a slightly more aggressive look, yet the clothes are inviting. Here we meet the metropolitan man who likes to keep it simple, without losing its edginess. Every piece looks impeccable, showing hints that he is a perfectionist above all. He wants the comfort, the style, and he is also the kind of man who likes to look unnaproachable.

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Behind Munn’s unique look stands South Korean designer Han Hyun-min who won just last season the Best New Designer prize at Seoul Fashion Week. The presentation for FW 2019 had a mystical feel thanks to mysterious characters hiding behind lacy full face coverups, bucket hats, and odd makeup. In spite of the secrecy, each piece is on the catwalk to win your fashionable side. Flexible, modern, easy to combine with other pieces and overall just easy to wear.

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Day five and last day of Seoul Fashion Week had the Charm’s fashion show, where models sported white highlights and as we know the South Koreans are all about looking as pretty as possible. The grey hair had been styled to look pretty, and every face on the catwalk received the good hairstyle, except for when the models rocked caps of all sorts. The clothes almost remind of Cruella, with spots of black on white mostly appearing to be stars of different sizes.

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