Hi everyone.

Assuming you are curious about this blog, which is a very good thing, I have created this page to bring some enlightenment.

I am passionate about electronic music, tattoos, some extreme sports, fitness, tasty food, healthy lifestyle and gorgeous guys. I love graphic design, photography and fashion, and I’ve spent years of my life buying fashion magazines and experimenting with ton of beauty and cosmetic products. Last thing to add, I am highly sensitive to the esthetic appearance of almost everything. And I love that.

I have a pretty impressive CV on dealing with life in general and since two years ago I’ve started to write. Recently I have decided to start this blog,     “More Than A Beauty Blog” and share my suggestions, learnings, tricks and tips for any women or girl out there, eager to read something written from heart, earned in years of going trough life lessons. All brought to you by a woman.

Yours, Gabriela I.