13th Edition Asian Film Awards – The Winners

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Asian Film Awards had its 13th edition today in Hong Kong, with nominees from all over Asia and winners alike. Obviously, what everyone wants to know is what movie from all five nominated for the best film won the award. Movie director Hirokazu Koreeda described Shoplifters ( Manbiki kazoku) as his “socially conscious” film, and a project he was thinking about for a couple of years. In the movie, a family of five is making it day by day with the help of shoplifting, when everything changes with the arrival of a stranger into the household. Shoplifters already brought director Hirokazu Koreeda the Palme d’Or award in May, during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival. At the 13th Edition of Asian Film Awards, the movie received Best Film and Best Original Music award.

Best Director went to Lee Chang-dong for the South Korean psychological drama Burning, where he also produced and co-wrote. The film premiered on May 16, 2018, at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Early in 2019, although it had not received an actual nomination, Burning made it into 91st Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film final of nine-film shortlist, on February 24 and with this becoming the first Korean film to make it to the final if this category. Director Lee Chang-dong also won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Kazakhstan-born actress Samal Yeslyamova left home with Best Actress award for 2018 drama film Ayka (My Little One) while Japanese actor Kōji Hashimoto won Best Actor for 2018 Japanese crime and yakuza film The Blood of Wolves.

Other winners include South Korean singer-actor Kim Jae-joong for the AFA Next Generation Award, Chinese actor and model Huang Jingyu for Best Newcomer with 2018 Chinese war film Operation Red Sea.


Grammy Awards: Winners, Best of Fashion and More

Grammy Awards was the event everyone was looking for to check out and now that it finally happened (I’ve been waiting for it for sure), we can gather around for a virtual cup of tea or whatever you wish to have, and break down all that it happened, in Glaibera’s style, of course.

Fashion-wise there has been lots of metallics – even Michelle Obama appeared in a dark sparkling pantsuit, next to J. Lo., Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Lady Gaga. All ladies seemed to have spoken beforehand since each of them had the spark in the outfit.

Speaking of Gaga, the actress and singer left home loaded with trophies, which was expected to happen, thanks to her collab with Bradley Cooper on the movie ” A Star is Born” where the track “Shallow” touched the right place for many. For her red carpet appearance, the artist looked amazing. No extravagant hairstyle, but a platinum blond with beachy waves look framed her face while rocking a smudgy cat eye look. The dress is silver metallic, with an elongated sort of bow on the side and with a leg view. By far, her look is one the best from Grammy Awards.

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The second favorite look is Dua Lipa’s black and white and safety pins dress in which she accepted her Best New Artist Award. And that was only one of the two awards she got in one night, second being for her Electricity track – Best Dance Recording, a win she shares with fellow artist Diplo.

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Amongst the guests, I’ve seen my favorite couple, Ashley Simpson and Evan Ross, both looking as dashing as always. BTS members were there too, invited to hand over the Best R&B Album Award. On the stage, before announcing the winner, RM thanked the Army and made the promise to be back. Then H.E.R. came and took her Grammy award. And that’s about it. Well not entirely. Gabriella Wilson, known as H.E.R., also won Best R&B Performance for “Best Part”.

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Moving on to performances on stage, I have to fangirl over the handsome latin trio – Ricky Martin, Camila Cabello, and J. Balvin. Dressed and white, yellow and red and rocking the stage. What a treat for their fans!

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Other wins:
Kacey Musgraves won album of the year trophy and Best Country Album with “Golden Hour”. A few hours ago had no idea this name even existed, till I had to write this article, and by curiosity clicked on one of her tracks. Instant crush, let me tell you!

American Roots Performance Award and Americana Album Award went to Brandy Carlile with “The Joke” and album “By The Way, I Forgive You“.

Mexican Remake ‘La Boda de Mi Mejor Amigo’ is The Perfect Watch for Valentine’s day

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‘La Boda de Mi Mejor Amigo’ is a Mexican comedy remake after 1997 ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, then played with Julian Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Back to today, director Celso R. García kept the whole script pretty close to its original and mixed with new actors, new location and a different language, we get to experience a whole new level of comedy and good vibes. Let’s not forget the amount of hotness gathered in one movie thanks to all these handsome and talented actors and actresses.
Cast: Ana Serradilla, Carlos Ferro, Natasha Dupeyrón and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.
First in the cinema: 14th February

Selected: This Week’s Events – NYFW, Sanremo Music Festival and German Drama Premiere

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This week has just begun and there’s already so much in the works. Fashion Week is on top of the list and is by far the most looked-after event of February, and goes further into the beginning of March when it’s all over (for a while). The shows began in New York, which is the place to be this week, literally, with both Men and Women following one after another. Fall/Winter 2019 is the phrase to talk about, and it will be for a while.
Yesterday’s Shows: Todd Snyder, Joseph Abboud, and Palomo Spain, the latter being the epitome of colorfulness and vibrancy in Men’s fashion, so far.

Front Row faces: Zachary Quinto, Johannes Huebl, Drake Bell, Cody Simpson, Neil Patrick Harris and more.

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Next on our list is 69th edition of Sanremo Music Festival, officially starting today and ending on the 9th of February. Yesterday the Festival had a celebrity-infused red carpet event, with artists such as singer Arisa, Paola Turci, Enrico Nigiotti, rapper Ghemon, Einar and so many more. The contest is taking place at Teatro Ariston of Sanremo and is being broadcast by RAI.

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Last, Deutsche drama ‘Club Der Roten Baender – Wie Alles Begann’ had its premiere in Cologne at the beginning of this week. The movie is set for its official release on Valentine’s day, definitely not in tune with hearts with chocolate, but the cast is young and talented and besides, who’s not into German dramas! As a plot, ‘The club of red ribbons – How it all began’ (translated) tells the story of six youngsters, each living their own story, till events bring everyone under the same roof of Albertus Hospital. Expect a lot of current societal issues such as family drama, body-image issues and so on. The end promises to be a good one.

Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz, Damian Hardung, Luise Befort, Timur Bartels, Ivo Kortlang, Nick Julius Schuck.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Perform at Mercedes in the Morning’s Not So Silent Night 2018 show

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Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are my favorite celebrity couple, who are not only cute, loving and charming but performing together as well. Ashlee an Evan, as they call the “duet” released not long ago a jazzy kind of vibe album. I succeeded in listening to a couple of the tracks, and “I Do” already won my heart. I’m not gonna say any more names, instead, I let everyone go and have a look. However, I am gonna say that these two lovely singers have been promoting their work for a while now. Latest appearance happened on the stage of “Mercedes in the Morning’s Not So Silent Night 2018” show on December 16. I would love going to one of their concerts. I get a warm fuzzy feeling from watching them on stage, standing next to each other. On top of that, the clothes they wear are awesome. For this appearance, Ashlee went for a royal green top, with grandiose sleeves with ruffles, leather-like tight pants, and see-through booties. Evan joined the vibe, by wearing a casual suit with brown boots.

Gemma Arterton Wears the Perfect Pink at The 21st British Independent Film Awards

The 21st British Independent Film Awards happened December 2nd, in London, and while I had to stop and admire all these actors and actresses which I mostly know from one or two or more of the many movies I used to watch back in days when the time was plenty, my sight got caught by the gorgeous Gemma Arterton. She’s truly a beauty, but at the same time, the woman knows what fits her. I don’t ever remember seeing her not having the right hairstyle or the right clothes. For this occasion, she wore a sort of backless dress in the most adorable baby pink color. The dress has no sleeves and has a teasing touch, thanks to a generous cut on the sides, below the armpit. It then falls into a perfect pleated long skirt. The stiffness of the material creates the proper vibe, mixing the pink and cutouts into a perfect choice, red carpet worthy and Gemma Arterton perfect look. Hair is natural, feminine and seductive. Love, love.

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Best of Goldene Kamera 2018 Awards

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A new edition of the annual Goldene Kamera (Golden Camera) happened yesterday, in Hamburg, and here are the deeds:

Singer Conchita opened for none other than American group Pointer Sisters, who elevated the spirits of those present in the Messenhallen with their famous ‘I’m so excited’. As for the winners of the night, international awards were handed to Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and the one and only Liam Neeson. The actor was to receive a lifetime achievement award, this category being completed by German actress Christiane Körbiger. Best show award went to “Sing Meinen Song”, played by Lena, Moses Pelham, The BossHoss, Gentleman and Mark Forster.

Other awards:

Best German actor – Volker Bruch

Best TV German movie – Jürgen Heute Wird Gelebt

Best Dressed and Styled at Golden Globes – Jessica Biel, Dakota Johnson and More

Black was the theme of the Golden Globes for this year’s edition, and even the story behind it is not one related to fashion, the black itself made everyone look really well, individually and as a whole. With this being said, this edition brought me a lot of enjoyment in choosing my favorite looks, which I’m about to unravel now. Read on and see if you agree with Glaibera’s choices!


There is no doubt that best hair and makeup from the Golden Globes goes to Jessica Biel. The actress not only had one of the best dresses of the night but won my heart completely in the hairstyle department (yes, I do have in my heart such a department). Styled on one side lightly waved, away from the ears, it then goes at the back styled into a perfect half circle, falling like a nice curtain on the neck. Earrings are long but do not cross hair length, this emphasizing, even more, the perfection of this highly sophisticated hairstyle. Makeup is gentle, with extra long eyelashes and subtle rosy lips.

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Dakota Johnson is my next most favorite, the actress looking delightful in the best dress of the night. The front looks neat, almost too neat until your eyes fall on her perfectly thought belt. Even with such a simplistic view, the dress is still a winner. Then the actress turned, revealing a crystal-embellished bow design, stunning and opposite looking to what was happening at the front. The bow slowly dies into a long, almost dark grayish train. For hair, we have a wavy, in line with ears ponytail paired with fine bangs, styled to look natural and fresh.

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Just as nice:

Jessica Pare – The actress had one perfect look per whole. Hair is sleek, styled on one side and into an updo. The dress is a real piece of art, gorgeous, with flowers and well-thought straps.

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Essence Atkins – See-through tulle long skirt and heavily embroidered top with feathered short sleeves.

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Diane Kruger – As usual, a one of a kind fashionista that never disappoints. The actress wore a beaded gown with matching long cape. A sleek updo revealed the perfect bone structure of the actress.

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Brittany Lopez – Hair down on one side, very organic looking. She was wearing simplistic strappy high heels and hearts and starts A-line embroidered tulle dress.

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Sally Hawkins – Assimetrical mixed gown with velvety blouse top revealing one shoulder and ball skirt.

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And then there were the hotties: Halle Berry and Kendall Jenner.


These Iconic Faces Were seen on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

This year’s edition of Golden Globes succeeded in tailoring the most sophisticated atmosphere, mostly due to the black theme, but also thanks to the presence of beloved actors and actresses we haven’t seen in a very long time in the limelight, and even so, on the red carpet. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer was one precious face to be seen all dressed up at the Golden Globes, alongside few other big names. Read on to find who else was there.

Angelina Jolie made a reservation for two, so to speak when she brought her dashing son Pax for the ride, both of them looking dang cute but sophisticated too. The actress has a gift of surprising us once in a while with looks we wouldn’t normally expect from her. This time around it was the sheer sleeves with feathered cuffs that got us mesmerized. The dress is stunning, flowy, easy, very ladylike but with an old Hollywood flavor to it. I love how she accentuated her eyes, not to mention that ‘to die for’ updo.

And then, out of the blue, was Sharon Stone! Sharon Stone at the Golden Globes. Am I dreaming? No, she was there. Shock aside, the woman looks phenomenal, such a great actress and entity coming from such an important era of the cinema, one we no longer get to touch, and yet Sharon Stone was at the Golden Globes. It is ethereal to see this iconic actress making an appearance, and just like that, the event took on a whole new level of spirituality. And I will leave it to that.

Catherine Zeta-Jones made a fearless appearance, proving that age and sex appeal don’t go hand in hand, and in fact, one does not depend on the other. From what I’ve seen, the actress is slowly but surely working her way up to making a comeback, that might have to do with perhaps being an influencer or having to do with her acting. Whatever it is, I’m glad she too was at the Golden Globes. It makes things all so very exciting.

And back to the one and only Michelle Pfeiffer, for whom time seems to have stopped. The actress decided to wear her hair down, styled on one side and accentuated in layers. A short blazer with a belt and long tulle skirt with dots followed.

Other faces to stir up old memories in you: Alexis Bledel, Laurence Fishburne, Carmen Electra, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey.

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In-Short New Year’s Eve 2018 Around the Globe

Ready or not, a brand new year took the official control of our magic reality, giving us new hopes for new beginnings, second chances, true love, wealth, better health and so on. Where were you when the midnight rang? If you care, I was facing the most incredible fireworks show from the coolest view. And that’s that.

Worldwide, artists had it like artists, meaning traveling and entertaining. Hopefully, there was enjoyment involved as well. Speaking of which, on-air correspondent Maria Menounos got married to her longtime partner, Keven Undergaro, the couple making it official in Times Square during the live broadcast of Fox’s New Year Eve live broadcast. Despite the cold, Menounos kept the traditional attire, looking gorgeous in her embroidered bridal dress. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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Times Square was the place to be on 31 December, as South Korean boy band BTS performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, next to a pretty fancy list: rapper and boyfriend of singer Halsey, G-Eazy (I love them together), gorgeous Hailee Steinfeld, a very casual looking Charlie Puth, Bebe Rexha, Mariah Carey, and so many more.

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Paris was another great location to be, as the Arc de Triomphe took on the task of being a perfect animated canvas, changing its appearance in colorful drawings during the New Year’s Celebration on the Champs-Elysees.

Passing tradition through the door between the old and new year was preferred in many parts of the world. In Germany, winter swimmers had no ice to fight for their New Year’s Day tradition, but that did not put an end to the task. I wouldn’t go as far, but I can say Happy New Year to you, beloved citizen of Earth, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

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Ocean’s 8 Movie – A Perfect Robbery at the Met Gala

Power cast type of movie is always a delicacy to be looking forward to having it, in this case, seeing it. I’m talking about Ocean’s 8, where Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathway, Mindy Roling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter are partaking in a robbery plan, as thieves and other characters. Somewhere in the movie, TV host, James Cordon makes an appearance where he’s having a sort of personal conversation with Sandra Bullock. The actress plays Danny Ocean’s estranged sister Debbie, who’s planning to build a team and make a perfect robbery at the Met Gala, imagine that. Just like in real life, the annual fashion event and Anna Wintour go hand in hand, so it is no surprise to see the famous editor making a cameo in the movie. Rihanna is yet another exciting appearance, the singer playing a sort of underground character. This movie makes a perfect addition to the singer’s professional life, with her being involved in fashion as a fashion designer and having her Fenty Beauty collection not so long launched.
The whole cast is gold. Oscar-winning actresses theme holds weight and promises for quite an experience. The movie is to be released in summer.

‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ Has all The Power to Make you Laugh, Cry and Hope

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Comedy drama ‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ had its premiere in Munich just the other day, gathering all of the cast and producer into a nice group of people. The star of the show was the leading role, actor Elyas M’Barek, who showed up in a beige suit, looking light and smiley.

In the movie, he plays a party type of guy, named Lenny, who’s used living a life free of any worry, and who thinks of himself a life artist. Everything changes in a blink of an eye when his dad, a heart specialist, sets him on a mission of taking care against his mood, of David, a 15-year-old boy, a sufferer of heart disease. Lenny’s and David’s worlds clash, asking for both of them to change, seek deeper into themselves and find the truth.

The movie is on cinema starting 21 December.

London Evening Standard Theatre Awards is a Good Place to Find Your Favorite English Actors

A bunch of English actors and actresses haunted my desktop today, reminding me of the good old movies I used to watch before life got complicated. You see, I used to have a fetish for English movies, more specifically for Jane Austen’s and Agatha Christie’s tales. It is almost too much to grasp, considering that the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards happened on a very special full moon.

Speaking of actors, I swear Keira Knightly went back in time to her Pride and Prejudice character, Elizabeth Bennet. The dress is delicate, soft and feminine. Also, I’m happy to see more of this gorgeous mama at events.

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I love Zoë Wanamaker so much for bringing good humor to Agatha Christie’s world of murder and mystery, in Hercule Poirot series. She’s also played once in Miss Marple. David Suchet and this lady are the heroes of my 20’s. Here she looks fancy and cozy, accompanied by her husband, actor Gawn Grainger.

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Dominic Cooper is perhaps the hottest English man out there, alive and breathing. He broke my heart and Marianne’s heart (played by Charity Wakefield) in Jane Austen’s 2008 British television drama adaptation Sense and Sensibility. And he broke my heart again when he played Charles Grey in 2008 British drama film The Duchess. For the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, he wore a navy blue suit and an almost matching tie.

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And last, but not least, actress Billie Piper brought back memories from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, which definitely is not one of my favorite adaptations from the English novelist tales, but I did love Piper’s acting and the vibe she gives. Here she looks gorgeous in her shimmery evening dress. Props for the naked shoulder and turtleneck – what an intriguing mix of elements her dress had!

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MAMA 2017 Awards – Winners and More

MAMA Awards 2017 took place yesterday in Hong Kong, and boy, was it thrilling! I’ve been all embraced with my laptop, surfing from one page to another just to keep up with everything that was happening, from the red carpet arrivals to the last award on stage. Trust me, no other soap opera and especially award shows, none have made my pink heart beat as fast as it did yesterday.

This edition has felt like a change of scene, almost as if the queens and kings that ruled the Mnet Asian Music Awards stage years in a row were this time nowhere in sight. Another major change is MAMA‘s decision to host this year’s edition in three separate locations: Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, Osaka – Japan and Hong Kong. Artists such as Twice, Wanna One, Exo-CBX and few other more have been awarded in Japan.

Fashion-wise, I loved everything about Song Ji-hyo’s look, the actress and TV host showing off her sophisticated side in a slight cut-out dress, matched by perfect makeup and straight hair.

As for who won what, the awards brought sometimes surprised, overwhelmed faces on stage, partially thanks to the controversy happening prior to the event regarding the votes. Both Exo and BTS, the two main male groups preferred by fans for the big awards, received, let’s say, equal gratification for their hard work, with Exo winning the album of the year award and BTS receiving just right after their glorious performance, full of sweat and out of breath, their artist of the year award.

Other winners:
Twice won Song Of The Year award for “Signal”.
New Asian Artist award went to NCT 127.
The very lovely duo band Bolbbalgan4 won Best Group Vocal Performance.
Best Female Group went to Red Velvet.

There are obviously way more awards, I’m just mentioning the ones that caught my attention. It could also be that I’m in a hurry to finish this so I can search through my fridge for something tasty.

Álex de la Iglesia Plans Mystery For its Latest Comedy Movie, ‘Perfectos Desconosidos’

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This movie I’m about to talk reminds me of Agatha Christie’s suspicious plots, only that it is not. Murder wasn’t on Álex de la Iglesia’s mind when he planned out a mysterious atmosphere for its latest movie, ‘Perfectos Desconosidos’. With a pinch of thrill, the story plays out to be a comedy, which is maybe the best idea, considering how the movie starts and what happens next. Have I got your attention?
It involves a lunar eclipse, a dinner amongst friends and sharing dangerous secrets. It sounds scary, only that it is not. The movie really is about a group of old friends gathering together for dinner, which happens to be during a lunar eclipse, because why not. From a short glance, they all seem to have their lives and relationships in order until a little game is suggested at the table, revealing secrets in plain sight. Who’s hiding from whom and what are their secrets?

In real life, the group of friends dressed up, called the movie director and had a fancy meet up, this time as cast members, to attend in style the premiere of their work. This happened yesterday, November 28, in Madrid. Fashion-wise, everyone looked great, especially actress Belén Rueda, who shined like a queen in a majestic yellow gown, fit for a gorgeous woman like herself.

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