Romantic Drama ‘Whatever Happens’ Premiers in Berlin

‘Whatever Happens’, a Deutsche romantic drama, starring Sylvia Hoeks and Fahri Yardim, had its premiere yesterday, in Berlin. I’m writing about it because I loved the trailer and the two songs featured in it. But before I get to the music part, it’s all about the plot first. Out of all things Hannah, played by Hoeks and Julian, played by Yardim, end up sharing the same apartment as roommates. Obviously, they end up in love with each other and things get complicated because love IS complicated, especially when it’s happening out of nowhere, right in the middle of your future plans. So Whatever Happens.

French music duo AaRON is responsible for giving complexity to the movie with their 2015 release, Blouson Noir. Second in line is L’aupaire with one of their next releases, Waterfall.

The movie is going to be in the cinema starting November 30, 2017.

Highlights from Energy Star Night 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 13.23.23

Switzerland’s biggest indoor music event, Energy Star Night, opened its gate once again, at Hallenstadion, in Zurich, on Friday, November 17 to party it up, entertaining a good number of about 13.000 music lovers with international artists and country’s most beloved music groups and singers.

The night did not miss out on emotional moments, especially when the organizers brought from the street on stage to perform a talented street musician, named Jakula Ondra, from Poland. Newcomer of the year moment is also an emotional one, in particular for the winner, Swiss artist Nemo.

Good music made it from the stage to the crowd, coming from American singer artist Anastacia, UK artist Anne-Marrie who performed the well-known track Rockabye and the very talented Mark Forster, who’s come all the way from Germany to perform his energizing track ‘Chöre’. Switzerland’s darling Luca Hänni performed ‘Purple Rain’ in a duet with Jontsch. Swiss group Baba Shrimps, Finnish band Sunrise Avenue, French Dj duo Ofenbach, Alex Aiomo, Berlin-based Dj Alle Farben and Swiss duo Remedy & Manu-L performed as well.

The crowd received the very best ending, in a Swiss kind of way, with none other than Swiss rap duo Lo & Leduc performing on stage.

Photo Credit to @Ramona Betschart on Instagram

Winners of GQ Men of the Year Award Germany

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12th Rome Film Festival

12th Rome Film Festival runs until November 5, with a total of 39 screenings from 31 countries, some of which already been under the eyes of press and film enthusiasts.

MOVIES: The Movie of My Life, original title ‘O Filme da Minha Vida’, a Brazilian drama based on Antonio Skármeta’s novel “A Distant Father”, drags you back while appealing to your sensitivity, to the southern Brazil of the 60’s, with a son coming back from college to face the unsettling reality of his family ties and self-discovery as an adult. Cast: Vincent Cassel, Selton Mello, Bruna Linzmeyer.

C’Est La Vie (Le Sens De La Fete) entertains the viewer through its French style of making a comedy. You would also feel like you’re watching theater, thanks to a place concentrated play. Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Suzanne Clément, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche.

The opening movie of the festival was “Hostiles”, starring Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike.

Berlin’s Avant-Garde Volksbühne Theater Freed From Activists Occupation & Anti- Gentrification Protest

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Volksbühne Theater aka Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in the city of Berlin had been recently involved in protests, the building having been occupied since September 22 by activists represented by musicians, actors, and anti-gentrification supporters. The protests aim against the unfamiliar direction Chris Dercon, director of the Theatre since 2015, is planning on taking the Volksbühne Theater. Since yesterday, the building is out from the occupation, negotiations between the activists and Dercon being the next practical move to follow.

More on the story here.

Mauricio Ochmann and Wife Aislinn Derbez play in Comedy Movie ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’

Actor Mauricio Ochmann stars alongside his wife, Aislinn Derbez, in comedy movie Hazlo como Hombre (Do it Like a Man), officially set for release in Mexic on August 11. It is directed by Nicolás López, who gets mentioned together with Guillermo Amoedo at being responsible for the screenplay.

In the movie, Raúl, played by Ochmann, is a conservative and macho type of guy who’s perfect world gets completely shaken up after one of his two long time friends, Santiago, played by Alfonso Dosal, is confessing his homosexuality. The subject is still a tabu chapter to Raúl, who is devastated and wants his friend back to how he used to be. Convinced that it is all a phase, he and his other friend Eduardo, played by Humberto Busto, are set on a journey of finding answers which ultimately, as they are hoping, could cure their beloved indeed gay friend.

Language: Spanish.

Actors Ariel Levy, Alfonso Dosal, Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Humberto Busto, Ignacia Allamand and film director Nicolas Lopez at the ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’ premiere on August 8, in Mexico.

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Liu Yifei Plays Three Lives in Fantasy Romantic Drama ‘Once Upon a Time’

For all you lovers of Asian fantasy movies, here’s a grandiose treat to watch this August, or September, when the Chinese romantic drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ is closing the journey of releases in its last destination, Japan. Starring actors Liu Yifei and Yong Yong, the project is based on the fantasy novel ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms’ (aka To The Sky Kingdom) by TangQi Gongzi.

Gorgeously shot scenes instantly grab your curiosity, enslaving you into wanting more of it. The clothes, makeup, and hairstyle of the actors are in tune with the story, but it’s the scenery and colors that make everything altogether appear so enchanting. I’m speaking of dreamy lands with gorgeous pink blossoming trees, floating islands of paradisiac beauty and yes, love.

Speaking of it, I have a feeling that this movie is going to be quite a journey into the love colors, and is not going to be always bright. Liu Yifei is great at expressing the sweetest affection and then turn your world completely upside down. She gets help from handsome Yang Yang, who is just as capable of honoring its surreal role into a surreal delivery. Popcorn anyone?

Harry Styles Serves Quirkiness and Style While Promoting War Film Dunkirk

Harry Styles has cut his hair for his acting debut in the role of a British Army private named Alex in the war film Dunkirk, film that is officially in theaters starting today, July 21, and took its fresh face on a tour to promote the movie. Alongside its handsome co-stars Tom Glynn-Carney, Fionn Whitehead, and Jack Lowden plus Producer Emma Thomas and Director Christopher Nolan, the first time actor made a first appearance on July 13 in London, then headed to Dunkerque, France on July 16 and in NY 18 July. Short but efficient.

Fashion wise, wait what am I saying? Firstly, who knew he has such baby blue eyes, cause to me this is news. And yes, I’m bad at tracking details at a smaller scale. Back to fashion, the singer and actor looked dashing, especially when in London and NY. The suit looks good on him, even with the quirks of his Rainbow loafer boots or the embroidered marching band pants he wore in NY. And yes, he looks way better with short hair. Way way better.

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Maribel Verdú and Antonio de la Torre Co-star in Dark-Comedy Movie Abracadabra

Actress Maribel Verdú has a new movie on her sleeves that’s going to be released August 4 for which she attended a photocall in Madrid on July 17, joined by co-star Antonio de la Torre, fellow actor José Mota and director Pablo Berger, who is not only responsible for directing but writing too.

The movie, entitled Abracadabra, is a dark comedy family drama, in which massive football fan Carlos, gets an out of the blue and unrequested second chance at being present in the family life, so far completely ignored by its passion that keeps him unavailable to its house, daughter and most importantly to his wife, Carmen.

The trailer got me laughing, which is a plus, next to some other extra points, such as the context husband gets consumed by hobby and ignores family life, which is a real life inspired subject. But don’t you worry, there’s comedy shining through, which makes everything worth the care you give.

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4 Events of Music and Film Happening at the Beginning of July


52st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, shortened KVIFF, started on June 30, in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and it will showcase as per usual around 200 recent films native to Central and East Europe. Uma Thurman, Karolina Kurkova, and Casey Affleck were among the faces that took a sit for the opening night, with James Newton Howard having an intimate moment with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The composer, who’s work has been honored on Friday, held an opening concert premiering music from his composition for the 2018 continuity to “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

The festival is happening untill July 8.

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For lovers of Asian movies, there’s New York Asian Film Festival 2017 to have a look at between June 30 – July 16. The event has enough to feed any heart and features most recent Asian films, some of which have well-known actors from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan and South East Asia. For the opening day “Bad Genius” Thai actors Chanon Santinatornkul and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying posed elegantly next to the movie director Nattawut Poonpiriya.

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Puerto Rican rapper Residente is on a European tour till later July, checking in often in Germany. His latest appearance made it to Berlin’s Huxley on June 30, styled with good music and a great vibe. You have to check him out!

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Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica went multitasking for his latest project, and directed, wrote and took the leading role next to Italian actress Monica Bellucci in a three-part narrative Serbian movie. Yes, Bellucci is speaking Serbian in the film, and I can only receive it as a treat. As for the story, watching the trailer brought me thinking to Jim Carrey’s ‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’. I doubt Emir Kusturica’s movie goes that deep into the magic, but there’s a hint of fantasy in there too, mixed with a story of love, war, and an unexpected end.

Song Joong-ki Plays Independent Fighter In ‘Battleship Island’ Film

Back in 2016, South Korean actor Song Joong-ki shined in his role of the charismatic captain Yoo Si-jin in major hit proclaimed “Descendants of The Sun” television series, for which he won Most Popular Actor and iQiyi Global Star awards at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Not long after Descendants aired, the actor began filming for movie Battleship Island, a film that speaks about the hardships occurred in the Japanese occupation era. This movie comes as a surprise for fans, but then it is not such a big one since Song seems to do very well in heroic roles. And although the vibe is very different from its last movie work, I get the feeling that the actor will shine once again as a noble character.

The movie hasn’t got an official date release and has been sold to 113 countries according to CJ Entertainment. On June 15, South Korean actors Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Su-An, So Ji-Sub, Lee Jung-Hyun alongside Song attended the press conference for ‘The Battleship Island’ at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. As a final say, I’m suggesting a napkin refill and then holiday recovery.

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Ariana Grande & Guest Artists Honor Manchester Bomb Victims in “One Love Manchester” Benefit Concert

The show that got everyone talking, making headlines due to its storyline, is obviously “One Love Manchester” benefit concert, held by Ariana Grande on June 4, in Manchester, England. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Little Mix, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber and Katty Perry joined the singer on stage in an attempt to help raise money for the victims and their families of the horrific scenario happened at her concert only two weeks ago.

“I’m sending my prayers to the victims and families who have endured this horrible tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong, and I stand with Manchester.” Kendall Jenner, Halsey, Kings of Leon and few other more artists gathered and showed their support collectively for the benefit concert, honoring the victims from afar.

The concert raised over $2.6 million.

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Kristen Stewart Directs Movie And Makes Fashion at The Sundance Film Festival

As you might know, Sundance Film Festival 2017 happened this week, which made me excited and I even started to watch their TV channel to stay updated with the event. Fast forward, internet exploded with the news of Kristen Stewart debut as a film director AND writer at the festival.

The work, called “Come Swim”, is a short movie and it is part of the ShatterBox Anthology collection of works, particullary short movies, all directed by women. Here, the actress used her creativity in showing someone’s day in a very artistic manner – and here I am gonna end my description, since I haven’t seen the movie yet.

Talkign of fashion, Kristen Stewart rocked in black jeans, Saint Laurent biker jacket, white tee and sneakers at the premiere of the movie. She’s hot, right?

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Cro’s “Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt” Brings Great Actors, Comedy, Good Music and Romance Together

German artist Cro went a lil MIA for a while and here we have the reason for his almost absence from the music scene. An amazing movie release made the rounds of internet – “Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt” (Our Time is Now) –  with recognizable faces which some of us love and admire – like the panda mask (Cro), the one and only Til Schweiger, Peri Baumeister, swiss actor Marc Benjamin and David Schütter.

Music is exactly what I would expect from a movie with Cro and Til Schweiger – chill, beautiful and addicting. Not convinced? Here you have the proof!

PLOT: In the movie Cro (who plays himself) comes with the idea of a project for which he starts a contest. As a result, 3 youngsters ideas get his attention – a film student who wants to make a documentary about Cro, followed by a 30 years after screenwriter movie idea AND to make things even more interesting, a comic artist who’s into a movie animation about Cro’s beginnings gets to work in the project too. As you can imagine, as these ideas are put into facts, bonds are formed between the characters and WE get to see it. Yay!


The Video Editing We Have To Gush About

And so it starts……

Listening to some of Son Lux‘s tracks, I bumped into this wonderful music video. Track by itself is mellow and mighty alternative, but I will not get into that here. Reason? Its video editing is way cooler than anything I’ve seen in a while. And perhaps some think how video editing should be all about elaborate effects to achieve something beautiful. I, on the other hand, believe that it should be an explosion of lights, shapes and pure expression.

One thing I really like about this video, is the actual simplicity happening. I mean, what do we have here? -A bunch of pins pinned into different shapes, happening on top of a sort of greyish background. However, the second you click play on this music video, those black pins mesmerise your eyes and senses. You’re hooked. There’s a consistence of rhythm in the movement happening during the track. It is fluid and it keeps on happening. Shapes transform continuously and it is like a dance. And a very good one, if you ask me.

Conclusion: Between all those flashy forms of expression happening today, unique and innocent creativity happens in the least expected places. Or not. However, when you find it, it feels like falling in love. You become one with someone’s creativity and your heart starts beating fast. Many thanks to those accomplished minds, editing this beautiful music video.