Designer Isabel Sanchis Checks in at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017 With a Brand New Collection

Isabel Sanchis unmasked the silhouettes she had prepared for Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, in Barcelona, on April 26th. The collection in itself is amply diversified by specific fashion elements and influences, making the transition between the bride, bridesmaid and other dresses happen in a discontinuous manner. And it felt rather abruptly, but it kept things exciting and the outcome diverse.

The bridal dress is bourgeoisie, contributing with very little attention to the praise of its human form. The barrel shape of the skirts in the dresses is voluminous and designed to look playful and bouncy. Relaxed folds, soft frills, embroidery and bows are all collection key elements to the altogether well-pleasing appearance of this flamboyant yet sophisticated bride.

Other Isabel Sanchis looks worth mentioning: an embroidered bridal dress styled in geometrical cuts, a see-through black dress and a set of long black evening-wear silhouettes embellished with metallic necks and sleeves, styled as a continuity from the dresses.

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The Classic and The Modern that Happened at Marchesa SS 2018 in New York for Fashion Bridal Week

Marchesa had a ridiculously beautiful bridal presentation on the 20th of April, for the New York Bridal 2017 Fashion Week and I had a hard time choosing my favorite dresses since all look frightfully presentable, I have to say. The collection satisfies both the thirst for a modernized appearance and the appreciation for the classic bridal dress.

For an interesting look, Marchesa added black to snowy white dresses, by accessorizing delicate shapes with color contrast pieces, like belts, earrings or chokers. Here and there, black is added to the dress in a minimalistic fashion, hardly looking as having been styled.

For the very romantic heart, the designer has included in the collection pale pink, delicate bows on the sleeves or at the back, fluffy looking accents and soft layers. The details are big and soft, size being added but softened to create delicacy, playfulness and ultimately, what we all want, the wow effect.

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Glaibera’s Bridal Picks For Your 2017 Summer Wedding

And here comes the bride – of the summer 2017 to be more precise. I love wedding dresses and now is a good time to have a look at some of the designers, their bridal collections AND pick the favourites.

Ines Di Santo Bridal Spring 2017 Collection

I have to say, Ines Di Santo gets my heart beating with its perfect details and flattering shapes. Here we have a very good example of that – a sweetheart illusion romper with encrusted bodice and split sleeves. L O V E L Y!

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Reem Acra Spring 2017 Bridal

Reem Acra‘s bridal dress has a certain something that makes you think about queens and goddesses. From its 2017 Spring collection, a column dress with deep sweetheart and see through encrusted cape has the one of a kind vibe that you need for that certain occasion – wink.

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Monique Lhuillier Bridal 2017

Another wedding gown, this time a beige Monique Lhuillier column wedding gown, with long sheer embroidered sleeves and a tulle train starting from waist.

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Marco & Maria 2017 Bridal

Marco & Maria Bridal collection for 2017 is romantic and colorful, with this gorgeous sheer column dress getting my full attention. A long vail with flower crown surrounds the dress and silver embroidery brings glamour to this delicate appearance.

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Naeem Khan Made Dreams Come True With Blush & Lavender Wedding Gowns For Its 2017 Bridal Collection

Married or not, we like the look of bridal gowns. There is just something about them that makes you soft and girly. And wait till you see Naeem Khan’s 2017 collection. It’s a dream with blush & lavender AND it will make you have second thoughts about the white bride.

Talkign of blush – this silk organza ball gown wedding dress with floral embroidery is an angelic sight. The off shoulders are the perfect detail to the shape, colour and details.

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Another blush piece, this dress is an exotic/beachy embroidered wedding gown with a regal and modern look.

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The Back Of Your Wedding Dress Is Just As Important As The Front

Note to every bride to be: the back of your wedding dress is just as important as its front.

Has anyone seen Bella Swan’s wedding to Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn part 1? I have – twice. There’s this scene where she’s walking down the aisle and the camera moves behind to show her back as she does her thing and Bang! As a result the back of her dress went viral (in real life) and created a trend in the bridal world. However, it’s been a while since then, therefore we can move on to the SS 2016 bridal collections and the back of your future wedding dress.


A delicate back with long veil is what The Bride needs. This is the dress that’s delicate and feminine, decent but modern and very bridal, something what a sweet woman would appreciate. There’s no way you can go wrong with such a dress – a look that’s able to please your guests, family, groom and most importantly – yourself.

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Four Gorgeous Ball Gown Shaped Wedding Dresses For A Bride In A Fairy Tale


Who doesn’t like ball gowns? This Ines Di Santo dress has the classic ball gown shape with a nice tasteful embroidered corset. The skirt has a motif, brought by few parallel lines, going in circle around the skirt, once just bellow the corset and then at the “ankles” of the dress, in between light embroidery. The detail of the motif gives to it a nice folk touch that makes everything look special and unique.

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