Finnish Dj Yotto is Back With New Shooting Sounds – Inspiration: Finland’s Rural Landscape

North is the last EP released by Finnish Dj Yotto, packed with five Finland’s rural landscape-inspired works. North is also the title of one the tracks, released to the public on October 6, when the whole album has made its way out in the world. Yotto is known for the quality of his craft, if we only mention the unprecedented five Pete Tongs’s ‘Essential New Tunes’ on BBC Radio 1.

I loved the new track and I still do. It makes for a perfect tune when you all you need is something soothing. I guess we can blame on Finland. Can we really?

BTS Is Officially Back With a New Album and A New MV

South Korean boy band BTS is back with their latest mini-album, with an official release for today, 18th September. A first track has been making the rounds of the internet, everyone crushing over Jimin’s solo appearance in Serendipity, as the song is called, since September 4. Back to this new album, called Love Yourself – Her, the title gives hope to a second part, given the manner. First track coming out after the official release is DNA, announced with two video teasers in the last couple of days, Just a couple of minutes ago DNA music video has been released, a reason for Army’s all around the world to celebrate.

Maceo Plex is Ready to Release New EP Under Maetrik Name, The Announcement Comes With a First Teaser Track

Maceo Plex is awakening his Maetrik alter ego by planning on releasing new stuff in late September under, yes, Maetrik name. I’ve been dying on hearing if that’s any news of his comeback, and voila, it happened!

And of course I’ve done my Sherlock work, after which I’ve concluded the following: the new EP is appropriately named ‘Return’, and to make it even better, the artist is giving us the possibility of choosing between a vinyl or digital version. A teaser track came together with the announcement of ‘Return’, giving us a small taste of what’s yet in hiding, till 29 September, date announced by Clash Lion records, the Barcelona-based label, who’s responsible for this release.

On the ‘Cortex 11-B’ teaser track, I first stumbled on its non-poetic name, which has confused my brain cells greatly. Once I’ve got it, everything seemed better, and I obviously very much enjoyed listening to it.

Maceo Plex Performs a Techno Dominated Set at Helsinki Flow Festival

Maceo Plex showed off his magic on the first day of Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland. He worked an almost two hours and a half set dominated by techno goodies, some being quite the vintage type. A good example is 1994 Dave Clarke’s Red 2 (Wisdom To The Wise) played just after the 2011 Acapella track Supernatural by King Britt and Firely with lyrics mastered by none other than Ursula Rucker. He then played Relax officially released by himself in 2010 under Maetrik name.

Other goodies:

Citizen Kain – Apathy, released 2017.

Dj Skull and Ron Maney- Vision Revelations, released 2014.

Bicep Releases Second Single from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

While writing this few lines, I am wondering why have I not been keeping up with what Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar from Bicep have been doing. I must have been consumed by something entirely different, but here I am reporting on their most recent release, Glue. The guys are ready with a self-titled new album, set to be out September 1 and till then Glue has been given to us as a treat, on August 4. Plenty of time to make a pre-order, since the new track is simply outstanding. Noticeably softer and smoother than what they have created for Aura, released back in June, from the same album. Both tracks have received positive reviews, mine included. However, I am more inclined towards Glue, and that’s my final say on the matter.

Label: Ninja Tune

Genre: Electronica, Downtempo

Swiss Rapper Stress Releases Music Video With New Band

Swiss artists Stress, Evelinn Trouble and guitarist Gabriel Spahni from Pegasus band combined their talents into a brand new musical project, naming it Trust. The revealing happened not too long ago, at least that’s how things happened for an international music stalker like myself. Individually, each of the three musketeers is a well-established artist inside the Swiss music arena and each is playing different genres. To prove it we only have to look at Stress’s impressive collection of Rap that he has been playing since forever. Despite his favorite genre, the artist has proved several times to be quite versatile, working with different artists and keeping it interesting. Joining Trust as a bandmate just shows his ambition to reach new heights.

As for Evelinn Trouble and Gabriel Spahni, these two are closer to home with this project, style wise speaking. And if we are to name the least alienated, I will point to Spahni, whose backing vocals and guitar work added wonderfully throughout the years to Pegasus, a band with a pop rock feel, highly popular in Switzerland.

The new band has recently released Welcome To The West‘s music video, and with that Trust has given us two of the four tracks from their eponymous mini album, after the unraveling of ‘Volcanos’ in April this year.

Genre: urban folk

Maceo Plex Has Finally Released His Newest Album ‘Solar’

Maceo Plex has been releasing a good bunch of remixes and collaborations in the past few years, leaving fans satisfied enough but the best part has been only recently presented, consisting of an actual album from the artist. Officially announced on June 16, it is said to be inspired by Maceo’s paternal experience since the birth of his child. And although you wouldn’t normally compose techno out of your child-parent bond, if Maceo has done it, we can only take his word for it and embrace the subject and the method.

Eleven tracks are making the cut on the album, named ‘Solar’ after Maceo’s son, and if you’re in doubt, I will tell you that a while back the artist composed a track with a similar name, ‘Solar Detroit’. Not the same thing. Back to what has happened on the new album, with ‘Polygon Pulse’ I have a feeling of Deja vu. ‘The Separation’ is a tantalizing call to a surreal past, and ‘Solar Wind’ wins in terms of edginess. ‘Lucid Dreamer’ starts off sounding lifeless but slowly builds up emotion and even pleasure.

With all these great tracks it seems not only unappropriate to choose a favorite but pointless too, proving once again the quality of Maceo Plex’s craft.

Daft Punk’s Releases New Music Collaboration

Although a rare treat for fans and public, Daft Punk is making sure their craft touches the face of Earth once in a while, through music collaborations that land literally out of the blue. Same happened with their most recent music deed, where the French duo partnered up with fresh face Australian band Parcels to create a summer appropriate tune, and so they have.

Parcels has been more outspoken on the release, mentioning Daft Punk as being the producer of the track and themselves as co-producer. To be frank, although at first it may seem so random why Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo have decided to work with a band that has popped out of nowhere, if you have a listen to some of their craft, you can hear the similarity, which I’m sure Daft Punk loved.

The lyrics keep you guessing but is the title that gives a better clue to what’s happening, and yet there is no certainty. You can only keep on dancing to the perfect blend of Daft Punk’s electronic style and Parcels’ outspoken feel.

Producer Bassnectar Gets Philosophical and Releases 6 Tracks Music Project

American Dj and record producer Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar has gifted his faithful fans with a new release that’s been already out for about a week. Not a stereotypical album, the new music project, as he calls it, consists of six new tracks, all but one being collaborative works of himself and other artists. He has worked with Gnar Gnar and Born I Music for the track ‘I’m Up’ and softened the sound to ‘Was Will Be’ with the help of Mimi Page‘s angelic voice.

Other collaborations include Macntaj, who’s voice gets featured to ‘Infrared’ and artist Dorfex Bos for ‘Horizons’. Bassnectar has also worked with G Jones for making the track ‘Underground’.

This music project gets completed by Arps Of Revolución, which is 100% Bassnectar. While releasing the tracks, the artist spoke of how he felt reflective on life and how that gave him the inspiration for the name of the album. So ‘Reflective’ it is.

G-Dragon Wraps-Up Album Status With New Music Video Release

Officially out today, June 8th, 2017, the five tracks self-titled album “Kwon Ji Yong” of artist G-Dragon represents the perfect appetizer for concert goers, prior GD’s second world tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E, starting June the 10th at World Cup Stadium in the city of Seoul.

In this album, we get to catch up with what has been happening in GD’s life, with track “Untitled 2014” being the most suggestive of all. For this sentimental piece, the artist released a much-anticipated music video, with it officially sealing the status for the newly released album, from the studio to the and for the fans and public.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a music video to “Superstar”. Speaking of music videos, I’m wondering to which one was GD filming for just days ago. A glimpse of the artist’s new hairstyle made the rounds of the internet, rumored to be from a music video filming. We can only wait and see.

This recent album release is not the first musical deed we get from the artist for 2017. Singer IU surprised everyone by having GD as a guest rapper on her Palette track and earlier this year for his “OO” album, artist Zion released the “Complex” track featuring G-Dragon.

Artist Cro Teases Fans With Intriguing Track From Upcoming Album

German artist Cro, singer of raop, as himself is saying, has released at the beginning of June a Cro music track from the upcoming album, with an official date release for 08.09.2017. Pretty clear, right? Not to me. The album title does not disappoint, being millennial appropriate, cool and rebellious but touched by mannerism. And if I indeed have made you curious, it only means that it’s time to beat the drums and announce the “Fake You” title. You have to love this artist for his style.

For the teaser track called “Baum”, translated tree, Cro has spoiled its fans with lots of dope video effects, compiled into a slightly suggestive music video. The lyrics and the story have raised speculations amongst the fans of the artist. Known to be highly private of his personal life and possessive of his panda mask public persona, Cro seems to have had a change of mind, or at least that’s what the music video would suggest. Or not. The point is, Cro seems to enjoy giving its artistry an intriguing storyline but at the same time, keeping the good vibes.

The artist contributed with soundtrack In Love (feat. Teesy) to the 2016 movie Unsere Zeit Ist Jetzt, in which he played as himself. This new album and recent track “Baum” are the perfect gifts the artist has for 2017 to give to its fans.

UPDATE: Cro seems to have had a change of mind regarding the title of his latest album and changed it from ‘Fake You’ to a more polite sounding “Tru”. No matter the name he chooses, the music he has created is undoubtedly great. So “Tru” it is.

Ariana Grande & Guest Artists Honor Manchester Bomb Victims in “One Love Manchester” Benefit Concert

The show that got everyone talking, making headlines due to its storyline, is obviously “One Love Manchester” benefit concert, held by Ariana Grande on June 4, in Manchester, England. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Little Mix, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber and Katty Perry joined the singer on stage in an attempt to help raise money for the victims and their families of the horrific scenario happened at her concert only two weeks ago.

“I’m sending my prayers to the victims and families who have endured this horrible tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong, and I stand with Manchester.” Kendall Jenner, Halsey, Kings of Leon and few other more artists gathered and showed their support collectively for the benefit concert, honoring the victims from afar.

The concert raised over $2.6 million.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images



BTS Wins Social Media Award at the Billboard Music Awards 2017

Embed from Getty Images

About K-pop band BTS there’s much to talk about, from their attractive visuals to how they smashed into the international music charts. This year has brought for them plenty awards and the latest win scores a huge step for the band. Winning against artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, the lovely group was preferred by an astounding 300 million votes to be the “Top Social Media Artist Awards” at the Billboard Awards 2017.

Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V, JungKook and Rap Monster rocked the black for the occasion in personalized looks. Their fashion appearance got the Vogue talking, naming BTS the best-dressed boy-band at the BBMAs 2017.

In the accepting speech, Rap-Monster thanked the Army for their accomplishments. Besides their huge fanbase, the guys work hard. “You Never Walk Alone” was released in February 2017 as a second studio “Wings” album and with it, the band launched “Spring” and “Not Today” which became successful in several important music charts. Since then the guys kept it busy with tours, TV appearances and more touring.

Congratulations to the BTS’s seven members and their team!


Bassnectar Performs and Gives Us “Lost In The Crowd” Vibes.

My favourite dubstep producer, Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar, performed last week at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2017 and listening to his set, to my surprise I found a track I haven’t heard yet, even though it is from a past album – obviously the next thing I did was to go “full on” detective Sherlock.

Lost In The Crowd is a 2014 track from the album Noise vs Beauty and a collab he had with Jantsen featuring Fashawn and Zion I. Some of the lyrics (“I’m feeling lost in the crowd and I don’t wanna lose touch”) and how the track is build, describe the energy that is felt inside the crowd, from an individualistic point of view.

Final thoughts: old but good and perfect for an anthem.

Tokio Hotel Releases Two Brend New Tracks

Tokio Hotel guys are teasing us with pieces from their new album – Dream Machine (lovely name), releasing two tracks, as a starter – Something New and What If. 

What If, which is the second track frm their album, is a catchy, danceable song with Bill’s dreamy voice singing about love and 5 AM.  Something New, the first track, chill and much slower – almost like an electronic ballad.

Last albume is a favourite of mine, showing the talent, maturity and growth of the band. I am surely excited to hear the rest from this brand new album and listen on repeat, because yes, this guys can do it for you.