Producer ESA’s Heavy Tune Collab “Blast” Impresses Show-Goers and Wins Fans

London-based South African producer ESA has a name that gets you lost when you’re doing a Google search, but once you get to find the electronic producer Esa Williams, well, hello! Lovely to meet you, sir!

While playing at the De Zon Festival 2017 in Amsterdam, the DJ dropped the tunes of one of his May releases, playing it live for the first time since its official release. The live demonstration had been captured and shared on social media, from where the track and the producer received new fans.

Released on May 22nd under Dekmantel label, the track, called “Blast”, is a real turn on, bringing out the beast in the sound. Built with heavy tunes, it lacks sentiment but compensates by giving to the listener a unique experience. The enchanting vocals are worked by Tanzanian vocalist Pendo Zawose, who’s been adding nicely to the collaboration between artist NarchBeats, who is the original creator of the track, and producer Esa, who’s style and craft finalized the original into a more than a bad-ass track.

3 Tracks From 3 Artists To Listen On Repeat

First track and my favourite from this list, Home -perfect way to name such a track -, comes from Icarus. The two brothers behind the label made this beautiful, dreamy and almost hypnotising track as a collaboration with artist Aurora. It’s a great electronic sound, easy to listen and done with good taste, lasting a little over 6 minutes. Definitely a treat!

Next track in line comes from Lithuanian producer and artist Few Nolder. Called One, the track is a beautiful journey into the sound, well done, compact and mesmerising. It definitely makes you eager for the summer and a much needed electronic vibe in the air – something we all have been missing this past winter.

Last track called Another Day Heartless comes from London based artist Demarzo, who himself writes about his music on his Facebook page, as “the stuff that makes you dance”. I guess he likes to keep his promises because this Heartless track is indeed a danceable one, and in fact it is the only track from today’s list where you have the dancing thing going on. And because two minutes is not enough, here you have the longer version, a little over 6 minutes to enjoy.



It Is That Time Of The Day

The latest track I’ve been obsessed about comes from Joseph Capriati, a name I knew nothing about or at least I haven’t payed proper attention to it till recently. My openness towards the techno side of electronic music wasn’t always there, and I could barely digest some names here and there back then. A Joseph Capriati track is not for anyone’s ear and definitely not the easiest sound to listen, but for the “grown ups” fans of electronic sounds, the harder the sound, the better it is, if you know what I mean.

Considering I am not part (yet) of that mature audience I mentioned before, Joseph Capriati turned out to be quite the character, delivering few tracks my humble soul could actually drift into.


The one I choose to share is a thrilling journey with barely any door to some normality. It brings you into a state where you simply have to accept whatever it’s given to you, exciting you with its beats and then forcing you into some sort of quietness, having no clue of what’s coming next. And yet, under all the changes of “scene”, there is consistency in the sound and every next part is crafted to be the perfect pair of the previous one. Excellent job, Joseph Capriati!


What I’ve been listening lately

The track I want to share today is a big reminder for me to actually start doing my best and attend electronic music festivals. This is the only proper way I should listen to sounds like Matador’s track “I Gotcha”, which is the same one I’ve been obsessed with over the past few days and will be sharing here.

Not my usual cup of coffee, as an electronic music lover, techno had been a genre I’ve had a hard time accepting it, and yet, here I am mentioning about it. Why have I changed my mind? The track itself. Very well put together, with deep serious sounds, it is an excellent composition, which kind of reminds me of “Freytag’s pyramid”. The whole track is a danceable story and I can definitely see myself having a blast enjoying it being played live, full on, the way it should be with tracks like this one.

German music makes my day

Hello world. Happy girl here and today I am bringing to Folder 29 some german sounds to keep us happy and feeling sexy because that’s all that matters right? Feeling happy and sexy. No? More? Sorry, that’s all I have for now.

Tom Thaler & Basil is a german duo I recently discovered while listening some radio and it was love at first sight. Definitely not sharing my instant attraction, Tom Thaler & Basil give us great vibes of what they call hip hop. I wouldn’t put it that way, since I found some pretty danceable tracks with barely there hip hop influences. But maybe it’s just me and I don’t get the message. Anyway, loved their most recent tracks, thought the work they made is a perfect mix of vocal and sound, it’s something we need to hear on the Tv and Radio to brighten our days and I’m always happy when I find great artists to listen.



Just as a final note, their tracks are in German language because duh, the duo is from Germany. The track I chose to share is a beautiful piece and the language just adds to the whole splendour.


That time of the day – Cro’s Raop and Style Can Make You A Fan

It has been a while since I wrote in this section, but here I am doing it. And I will bring to you someone sehr cool :D, someone who raps in german because he is a german rapper, known as Cro. And he doesn’t do just rap, but more like” Raop”, as he puts it.

Why am I talking about Cro? I like his music and his style. Very fresh, happy, sexy and funny. Yes, he raps about love, but with a dose of logic and rationality, that is why his music comes in hand when you are not supposed to cry a load of tears over useless things. He also raps about having fun and being easy breezy. What more can you ask for?

Obviously, or not, I do have a bunch of other reasons to like Cro. Like his magic Panda mask. Or his style. I actually believe he is not only a great artist, but a smart person with a sense for business –  therefore, he gets a big A+ from me.

It is that time of the day – The Cinematic Orchestra

Today’s pick is The Cinematic OrchestraWhy them? Because these guys are simply amazing. Their stuff is of excellent quality. Their music is creativity and love. It makes  you cry because it touches that invisible part of who you are. I am in love with all of their work but there are a few tracks I simply adore and I am going to share one of my favourites from The Cinematic Orchestra. But before doing that I am going to add one thing:

My first choice was First Light, but since there are a few issues (don’t ask!), I am going to share one of their probably most known tracks, which is simply beautiful. They do have so many other superb songs  and I am sure that just anyone who is looking for good quality music will find (or found already) something to love from their stuff, fitted to their own personality.

So let’s just have a moment of dreaming with this amazing song, To build a home.


That time of the day

Welcome to Australia! OK, maybe a bit exaggerated. What I wanted to say is that I have a lovely artist from Australia. Is a she and her name is Megan Washington. I must say I was lucky to find her through a TED talk (she was talking 😀 ), because I probably would had less chances from any other sources. And that kind of pisses me of. There are so many amazing artists but all we talk about on the media is about those artist who are internationally known. Back to Washington. What great sounds! Her music made me dance and feel happy. It’s some sort of alternative rock but for some reasons reminds me of Yuksek music, when he is not creating remixes. What surprised me about Washington is the amount of tracks she has. She was definitely busy but from what I understood from her TED talk, singing is a great way for her to be verbal, since she stutters. And to end today’s introduction, I wanna say I adore her, I think she an amazing addition to a proper music playlist, playlist that any music lover should have. And now let’s hear two of my favourite songs which appear to be someones favourites too, since I actually found a playlist with this exact two songs. Looking forward to dig into her tracks for more, just needing the right moment. Enjoy!

That time of the day

Haven’t introduced any artists for some time, but today I bring you one whose nationality I don’t know yet, maybe because I am too lazy to make my research (it is a cloudy February – don’t ask too much from me). But I do know he is London-based and I found him through Above and Beyond Group Therapy set (a very good set to listen – love Above and Beyond guys work) and his name is iLan Bluestone. It could be a stage name, but I am surely falling for it. So this guy brings us excellent work, great quality and awesome creativity. We have rhythm, we have explosion because he slowly builds the peak of the track, making his sounds pretty balanced as far as power goes, and we have style. He owns his style, although I did noticed slightly influences at least in one of his tracks. Still, his style is there.

With all that being said, I will share one of the tracks I am obsessed with over the past days and make sure you have the volume up ;-). Enjoy!

That time of the day

I am listening to a new song from the dOP guys, and it feels romantic. Love it. Going back to when I heard their work for the first time, I remember wondering why there are three guys building a set instead of one, like everyone else is doing. Yes, very silly of me. Talking about their set, not only I was surprised by looking at three guys, but the voice on top of the sound was even more of a shocker, which ultimately made me listen the whole mix they made for the Boiler Room at that time. And I did good, because I became curious about their work and found beautiful tracks with vocals to listen, something you don’t get that often as far as electronic music goes. So today I will share with you one track from dOP and you better add it in your favourites! 😀

That time of the day

I am introducing to you a talented Dj, whose sets I have been listening for several years. Known as Nigel Stately, this hungarian Dj delivers amazing playlists to listen, based on other artists tracks or remixes. Several songs from my personal music playlist have been discovered listening to his sets and I’ve spent many days enjoying my life while listening to them. Still do. To me, it is not the easiest thing to find set after set with good music, from the beginning to the end. Fact. Anyhow, sometimes magic happens and someone like this guy shows up, delivering a good dose of needed sounds for a better mental health.

Let’s hear something from his Youtube channel and have some fun! 😀



This is Flume & Chet Faker. I am not interested Now I am interested on the last name mentioned 😀 , but still obsessed with Flume sounds. It is devineee! But wait, I think Flume did a good job with Chet Faker. They have several tracks together and it almost makes the tracks unrecognisable as Flume being Flume, meaning, listening to the song(s) it might take you a while to recognise its style (maybe because Chet Faker does his job the right way). But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s dope. I like it. Makes me wanna dress like a sexy fˆ¹²¤r and take my skateboard that I still don’t know how to use and start making some progress. But it is late evening. So I am just writing about it. So I am gonna add one of the tracks they made together and I managed to listen. And that’s it. Flume & Chet Faker ladies and gentlemen!


That time of the day

Listening to Dems, which is an english band (hopefully I am not mistaken), with a pretty colourful sound. I have been introduced to their music through a friend, not many years ago. The song was Down On You and I literally felt I am flying (yes, some people can feel like that, which is amazing 🙂 ). Since then I kept an eye on Dems, adding tracks from their stuff to my personal playlist. Today I will share one of this songs, but do have a look on their website  where you will find their newest work.


Who is Koda?

Is Koda for today. Who is Koda? Besides the stage name and tracks that are available for listening, I don’t know much about this artist. But even so, I did enjoyed listening to its work, therefore, I will share a lovely track from those that I found and listened. What I did notice is that he (the voice in Koda’s tracks) has an amazing, soft, sexy voice. A second thing is his style. If you listen to its tracks, you’ll experience a sort of nostalgia feeling. And a third thing would be its several pretty well made songs. I do believe the artist (Koda) can create tracks with a solid, sophisticated base, where everything is combined together in the right way, but for now he is, like many other artists, stuck, I would say, in a sort of phase of creation where the artist is creating but hasn’t reached its potential yet. I believe many get blocked right in this phase because the phase itself is a moment of creation and sometimes you can not see what could possibly be more to achieve than the awesomeness of what you’re creating now. As I see it, some artists really have no feeling for more than a basic sound, but many others have, and Koda to me is an artist who has that potential. Anyhow, here and right now I will share one of those pretty well made songs so we can have a taste of that nostalgic note from Koda’s tracks.


That time of the day

I will share with you something special, something dreamy and creamy. 🙂 It is Hammock for that time of today, and it is so because their music fits perfectly with a lazy light raining Saturday. I see their music being just perfect to be listened inside our homes, when is time to be you and yourself or you and your special loved ones, and definitely works amazing, no matter how you put it. As for their stuff, I will actually add an almost 2 hours playlist instead of sharing just one track. I will do so because each next track almost sounds like a continuity of the previous one and that keeps you into into a long moment of  bliss, so for me it works amazing. There is obviously a difference (if you care), but it is worth listening to a hole playlist, because is awesome, relaxing and because why not? Enjoy!