Menswear: Spring And Summer’s Best Runway Ideas

If you wonder what’s to wear this spring and summer, I chose four ideas I absolutely love from the runways – but there’s a twist. I am talking about risqué trends and looks. However, I believe we are in good hands -so breath- because despite the twist, these are wearable and stylish ideas. We have layers, soft fabrics and plenty of freedom. As for colours, there’s not much going on this season, however, there’s a lot of brown, grey, mustard and yellow. Just the right colours to balance things out.

Spring and Summer 2016 menswear here we come!


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Have You Seen Reem Acra’s Collection For Summer? Now That’s A Daring Show!

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Reem Acra’s fashion show for Summer started in a exotic vibe, however, nothing prepared you for what followed next, not even the first silhouettes. The colours kept getting brighter and brighter while the mix and match kept going courageously higher and higher. And you would think that with so much colour going on, this show would fail. Well, it did not.

Most of collections for Spring and Summer brought back a lot of sensuality and femininity, something we started lacking, however, nothing anticipated the burst of playfulness and courage some designers had for us. Reem Acra’s collection is one perfect example of how far you can go when you stop playing safe. The richness of colours and those outrageously temting combinations just make you wanna try it, at least once, the thrill and freedom of wearing daring clothes.

But it is not just daring. If it was just that, this article wouldn’t have happened. Reem Acra’s collection surprised the most with the beauty of such an outrageous show off of colours and mix. And on top of that, it just feels like it happened in the right moment in time.

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Spice Up Your Days And Nights This Summer By Wearing Fringe

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This Spring and Summer there’s a lot going on in both colour and style department, and with all this diversity happening, fringe looked like it has disappeared. That, or maybe we haven’t looked close enough.

I mean just look at these gorgeous pieces from Christopher Kane collection! The fringe uniting the shoulder and opposite hip looks great on the dress. It works amazing with the V-neck, the length and the fabric. With blue dominating in the fringe, we have colour and uniqueness in this asymmetrical beautiful dress.

The second look is a two piece, looking casual yet elegant and modern. There is a lot more going on compared to the first look, however, the designer managed to mix all the elements in a tasteful manner. The fringed sweatshirt is my favourite – badass and tasteful, love it.


Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2016 Best Ideas

Stella McCartney kept her collection for Spring and Summer away from details and abundance of accessories, instead exploring with shape, length and fabrics. The result is a relaxed collection, focused on bringing pieces together through match of colour, shape, cut and fabric into one perfect look.


This look is an excellent example of how magic simplicity can be. The yellow and purple look amazing together while the black shades bring a solid elegance and fade the two colours into continuity. The shape and cut of both top and skirt balance the length and bagginess. It looks wearable, easy, airy, elegant, natural, modern -almost progressive – and beautiful.

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Great News: You’re Officially Allowed To Go Big In White This Spring And Summer

Just not long ago was asking myself why can’t we wear All White. Is it really just for brides? The answer is no. All White is happening this Spring and Summer and is going to be BIG. The more=the better, plus – fashion designers gave us endless possibilities on how to wear that much white.


Long Dress

Alberta Ferretti is just of many designers who went full on with white, including in her collection for Spring and Summer few gorgeous All White long dresses. And you can go anyway you like. See-through, tight, lacy, A-line, satin, cut-out, messy, hippy – wish it and you can have it. Anything is possible.

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Spring And Summer Perfect Dress & Three Ways To wear It

Back in September last year, Topshop had an amazing fashion show, getting us super excited for Spring and Summer. The shoes, the coats and the jackets looked heavenly but the dresses were the centre of attention. Feminine, fragile, flowy and revealing; natural, effortless and seductive – all of the good stuff.

With so much sensuality, a dress like one from this collection might be maybe too risque, however, Topshop made it clear that it is easy to wear such a look, even for the more shy ones. Let’s talk about that.

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Four Gorgeous Ball Gown Shaped Wedding Dresses For A Bride In A Fairy Tale


Who doesn’t like ball gowns? This Ines Di Santo dress has the classic ball gown shape with a nice tasteful embroidered corset. The skirt has a motif, brought by few parallel lines, going in circle around the skirt, once just bellow the corset and then at the “ankles” of the dress, in between light embroidery. The detail of the motif gives to it a nice folk touch that makes everything look special and unique.

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Gifts, Spontaneity, Affection and Gallantry – Guide To The Finest Romance

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Romance, “the bond between a knight and his Lady”, went through constant changes throughout history and as a result, today we afford the luxury to express our romantic thoughts in ways knights and ladies of our history could only dream of.

However, the feeling you get when you’re hugging that special one or the sight of a pretty box of chocolates that’s been specially bought for you are few of the little things romance is made of at its core. Even in our days progressive thinking, when it gets down to romance, it’s the little things that count. Continue reading “Gifts, Spontaneity, Affection and Gallantry – Guide To The Finest Romance”

Let’s Talk About The All Yellow Gowns From Guo Pei’s Spring Couture 2016 Show

Fashion designer Guo Pei had recently presented her couture collection for spring 2016 in Paris and it was magic. Most of her collection consisted in light colours but she gave us a little treat in between and dropped a few luxurious, all yellow looking evening gowns together with a long pants kind of evening look – kept all yellow.


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Highlights From Chanel Spring Couture Show 2016

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Paris Haute Couture 2016 is taking place this week, with major brands presenting their couture collections. But that’s not the actual goal of this article, because more than anything, I was super excited for the Chanel Show. I dreamed about it and just couldn’t wait to see what goodies has got for us this time the very talented Karl Lagerfeld.

T H E  S H O W

How most often happens with fashion shows taking place in Paris, the Chanel Spring Couture 2016 show took place in the Grand Palais. This time the scenery had a blue sky and a large lawn with alley sitting peacefully in front of a futuristic wooden house, from where the models emerged wearing the very distinctive style of the Chanel House. Continue reading “Highlights From Chanel Spring Couture Show 2016”

Celebrating Aquarius: A General View on The Water Bearer

Every month of the year brings with it memories of special moments, family birthdays, community events and worldwide celebrations. But there is something else attached to each month, something we don’t actually celebrate but use for guidance and even for having something to obsess about once in a while, because why not.

Starting with the 21st of January, the Aquarius, which is the second zodiac sign we recognise and accept in the Western Astrology, starts its celebrations which end on the 19th of February. In its honour I’ve decided to point out the things which impressed me the most about people with an Aquarius sun.

I think before anything else we need to talk about the impact this people have right when you first meet them. No one expects it because in our society we believe something big has to happen in order for us to be impressed. And yet, Aquarius people do it like it’s the most normal thing on earth. We may be tempted to think it’s how they dress and wear their hair that makes them so intriguing in our eyes, but as a person who’s met only decent looking Aquarius, I can assure you that’s not the case.   Continue reading “Celebrating Aquarius: A General View on The Water Bearer”

All eyes on you

When I do makeup, I always chase the elegance in it. Even when I intend to make it sexy, elegance must be present. In my latest work I wanted to use shades of black from light to dark together with an earthy brown. To keep it outside of the smokey eyes look, I’ve only used black shades on the outer corner and upper eyelid, but again, on the edge. I managed to create an elongated look of the eye, but still elegant.


I was very pleased with the result, therefore decided to skip the nude lips and go with something more colourful to bring balance in the look. Not much of highlight, as I prefer a more natural kind of look in the face and skipped contouring, as I often do. For eyebrows I decided to use a few uses of powder continued with a contour to emphasise their form. I’ve darkened them more on the end to create the perfect match with the makeup of the eyes. So there you have it. Love it!

To feel like home

What a beauty, right? After my journey and life experience in Switzerland, coming home I realised I did fell deeply in love while I was there, but it wasn’t necessarily a person or a moment, but Switzerland itself. The country itself, with its impeccable cleanness of everything you see or touch and with its breathtaking beauty present everywhere you go. It still gives me butterflies every time I see a picture from it. And yes, it is how you heard, meaning expansive and very expansive. But I would not take it as a minus, but rather a big plus. A plus which gave me confidence that I am in the right place. For now, till later Switzerland!