dOP is Back With A New Track and It’s all so Lovely

French trio dOP is back with a new track, a sensual story of love, featuring Ukrainian artist Alina Pash, the latter also performing in the MV for this lovely release. The title kind of aligns itself with the month of love, however, I’m sure that’s not the reason dOP came with ‘Stone Love’. The sounds are steady, and a bit mysterious, keeping you guessing about what’s to come next. Did I say it is full of sensuality? I did mention it. But that’s what the band does and that’s why we love them so much. Cause it’s so lovey-dovey and modern and groovy and French.

Released: 11 January

Catz ‘n Dogz Celebrates 100th Tracks Releases With Pets Recordings

Catz ‘n Dogz newest track “New Love” is on repeat on my laptop for maybe the fifth time, and things will be this way for a while. As the Polish duo announced on their social media, this track marks a meaningful 100 release on Pets Recordings, so of course, it’s a big deal. This is the way to celebrate. “New Love” touches every part of your being and invites you to lose yourself and dance it like when you were very young and carefree. But we all are exactly that, don’t we? This release comes with its own MV, so things look very promising.

Official release: 23 January

Bassnectar Performs and Gives Us “Lost In The Crowd” Vibes.

My favourite dubstep producer, Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar, performed last week at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2017 and listening to his set, to my surprise I found a track I haven’t heard yet, even though it is from a past album – obviously the next thing I did was to go “full on” detective Sherlock.

Lost In The Crowd is a 2014 track from the album Noise vs Beauty and a collab he had with Jantsen featuring Fashawn and Zion I. Some of the lyrics (“I’m feeling lost in the crowd and I don’t wanna lose touch”) and how the track is build, describe the energy that is felt inside the crowd, from an individualistic point of view.

Final thoughts: old but good and perfect for an anthem.

Tokio Hotel Releases Two Brend New Tracks

Tokio Hotel guys are teasing us with pieces from their new album – Dream Machine (lovely name), releasing two tracks, as a starter – Something New and What If. 

What If, which is the second track frm their album, is a catchy, danceable song with Bill’s dreamy voice singing about love and 5 AM.  Something New, the first track, chill and much slower – almost like an electronic ballad.

Last albume is a favourite of mine, showing the talent, maturity and growth of the band. I am surely excited to hear the rest from this brand new album and listen on repeat, because yes, this guys can do it for you.

Lester Fitzpatrick Vs. DJ Geto Man – Disko Flange

How about something to remind you of the weekend to come? I know it’s just Thursday, but there’s just one more day to go and that’s it. This Lester Fitzpatrick collaboration with DJ Geto Man might be the perfect rhythm for listening to set the mood in for what’s to come.

There’s some Chicago House in it, Acid and wonderful Techno, all these three vibes mixed nicely in a little over 6 minutes track. Ole!

Chasing Heaven

When I think of Bassnectar, his hair comes into my mind, his long dark hair. And if he will be playing Chasing Heaven while letting that hair create weaves as he shakes his head to the rhythm of this beautiful music, then…well…I shall fall in love. Ok, maybe not literally fall in love, but I could fall into a state of feeling above the clouds. I mean, hello, we are talking about Chasing Heaven and not chasing pizza, and this track didn’t fail to make justice to its given name, which means that Bassnectar just became the hottest guy on the planet, in my book (yes, I have one). This track is a collaboration with Levitate and since I don’t know all of the artists existing out there, I am mainly focusing on the guy with the long hair. In short, fabulous track, definitely gets you above the sky, and I just pushed the 51 time on the repeat button. Hello Heaven.

Maceo Plex

Today I will be talking a bit about Maceo Plex track Solar Detroit. I could just share the track without further talk, but I will make this effort and get out of my mind a few words because I am in a good mood.

It is a great track to listen for almost 9 minutes in which you have a deep journey into sound. It’s balanced, soft and deep, not to mention a good quality track. I sounds like is done. The proper work has been done and here we have a perfect deep electronic sound to enjoy. And yes, I am listening to it on repeat because that’s how it should be with a track like this one.

This A-Trak remix is what I’ve been dreaming about

The sickest track landed on planet Earth and it’s a remix after Let you go belonging to the The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok. And who else could’ve made a better remix on it than A-Trak himself? Yes, the guy made the sickest, most insane sound, giving this track a whole new dimension. I mean, I couldn’t control my body, and it felt outrageously hypnotic. So to make a resume, all of the guys I mentioned above made a contribution in creating a track, and that’s what I’ve been listening on repeat for the past couples of days. Yes, it’s that good. Literally. On repeat again.

Sexy track

Skrillex and Diplo feat Justin Bieber made a song and to be frank, it is my latest favourite. It sounds fresh and kind of sweet, with a nice, full of movement, coloured video. I love it and I want to share it with you people. And yes, Justin Bieber had been for my own persona a nice voice to listen even before this track, so as Skrillex work. Don’t know much about Diplo’s work because I am not interested, but as a collaboration, this three guys managed to put together quite a hit.