Recondite Remix on Pantha Du Prince’s Islands In The Sky

German producer Recondite is touring since the beginning of April, and while for most of us this would leave no time for any extra gig, the artist has other plans or at least had. He just released a steady paced remix on one of the tracks taken from Pantha Du Prince’s album “The Triad – Ambient Versions” out 9th June 2017 on Rough Trade Records.

The remix softness some of the stiffness from the original version, building a better pleasing sound that has some emotion. Ultimately, we can find ourselves in the gentle warmth.

As for the fans of Pantha Du Prince’s work, there’s good news as the artist is touring and, as I mentioned before, is getting ready to release its album “The Triad” with ambient crafted versions.

A Solomun’s remix on Ride by Dubfire & Miss Kitti is The Perfect Track To Listen

If you were missing on Solomun goodies, here you have a new remix by him that’s going to be officially out in a couple of days – 10 March. The track, Ride from Dubfire and Miss Kittin is almost 9 minutes long and with Solomun’s touch, we get invited into a hypnotizing journey with chanting voices and rhythmical sounds.

Random comments from fans: “Finally new track!!!”, “What a ride!”. To that I can only say the same, maybe more elaborate, but the message is pretty similar – glad to hear new stuff from Solomun and yes, what a ride!

The Shoes

I am kind of starting to really like french electronic music. I found this awesome remix of The Shoes guys. You know, that french band who has a song about America, which is btw a bad ass track – well that’s the band I am talking now. The track from which The Shoes made the remix belongs to the french band NaÏve New Beaters, and to be frank, the original sound is not my style (just a fact), but the work The Shoes guys made on it, well that is another story and I am loving it. It is great! It sounds fresh, electronic, danceable and sexy.

From an electronic music lover point of view, their portfolio of remixes is something you need to dig into. You will discover a very different approach to electronic music, opening tracks to a whole new audience and vice versa. It is the alternative side of electronic music, a field which hasn’t been properly explored, that’s why artists and bands like The Shoes are more than welcomed to show us the endless possibilities of what electronic music can offer.


This A-Trak remix is what I’ve been dreaming about

The sickest track landed on planet Earth and it’s a remix after Let you go belonging to the The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok. And who else could’ve made a better remix on it than A-Trak himself? Yes, the guy made the sickest, most insane sound, giving this track a whole new dimension. I mean, I couldn’t control my body, and it felt outrageously hypnotic. So to make a resume, all of the guys I mentioned above made a contribution in creating a track, and that’s what I’ve been listening on repeat for the past couples of days. Yes, it’s that good. Literally. On repeat again.

Gimme some reggae

Goodness! It has been a while since I posted a Remix on Track. But I am back with great stuff from Yuksek, a french Dj/artist, someone I already talked about several times. Like I said in my previous posts, the man does an excellent job when doing remixes and this one is a delight as well. For this particular track – Here comes the hotstepper by Ini Kamoze, which is a reggae track, it is hard to see the possibility or that someone can and will create such a perfect electronic sound, not to rough, not to soft, danceable, keeping the whole original track hearable, but on a different sound. And yet it happened. You can hear the perfect blending, great remix and I am delighted once more to give you something from Yuksek work. Enjoy!

Stan Ritch

Do you know that loud track from System of A Down called B.Y.O.B? If no, click here. If yes, well, several artists, known or unknown, tried to make a remix on it and I had listened to a couple which to me seemed pretty bad. Even though the original version is not what I would normally listen, it is a great song. But a miracle happened and a french Dj did a miraculous version of this same track, and I am about to share it right here for you to listen and enjoy. I personally think it’s pretty dope, done with taste, it lasts a lil over 9 minutes which is perfect and it sounds like something you should spend in order for you to listen. And yet the SoundCloud version, the same one I will share here, it is free to download, which is great, but not doing justice to great tracks done by talented artists, like Stan Ritch for example, the french Dj whose work I am talking about. And I could write a lot more about this subject, but I will stop here because I need to put some makeup on and walk my dog. Meanwhile, let’s hear the remix.

Stuck in the Sound – Brother (Yuksek remix)

Great remix done by Yuksek on a Stuck in the Sound track. I would say Yuksek generally does a great job when remixing. This does not mean that his own tracks are not representing quality. On the contrary. But when he puts his work on other artists tracks, he manages to distance himself from his own music style and create another type of amazingness (new word?!). OK, so then, he creates beauty on another level 😀 . How about that?


ABBY – This Song Remains Through All (Clockwork Remix)

This is what I am talking about! Everything (or not) can crack right under your feet and you’ll still go to heaven listening to this song. What an amazing track! So yes world, you are officially introduced to the new age of Electronic music! 😀

Discovered through the Boiler Room sessions – final track on Tale of Us set.