Chanel Couture Collection Invites to Playfulness and Good Looking Pink

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Arranged to look like you’re having an out of the body experience right in the backyard of a glamorous Italian villa, Chanel took its pinks, the little flowers, the bride, and gorgeous mules down the runway for showcasing its Couture collection for Spring 2019. Each silhouette walked around a decent size pond or pool, depending on the type of imagination you have, and posed right at the middle, with a perfect arranged background to emphasize the amazingness of all the craftsmanship that went into this fine collection. The mules I was talking about are designed to have a strap behind, so ultimately, we are left with a very refined shoe. Very lady-like too. As for the pink and violet, I can’t even breath. The shades that were chosen are heavenly soft and pure looking. All the other details are added only to reinforce the general ‘gentle and playful’ vibe. All the other colors known to be Chanel-approved are having individual moments of triumph, ultimately balancing everything out. It all looks eye-catching and grand, that’s for sure.

Front row: Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Diane Rouxel, Marion Cotillard, Go-Eun Kim and more.

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Paris Fashion Week Two Random Shows I choose to Watch and Liked – Part 2

Balmain dropped a collection to die for, from bags to shoes, to belts, to those mouth-watering colors and fabrics. And then, there was Cara Delavigne. The model turned actress, for sure made more than a few hearts to skip some beats at the sight of none other than herself, walking confidently in the opening of the show. She has been out of sight from the fashion world for quite some time, so this opening was everything.

Back to the collection, the show began with a couple of all-white looks, but then everything took on another dimension thanks to gorgeous colors and effects. Accessories are mirror-like and huge, looking immaculate and very metallic. All these work amazing with iridescent fabrics, all crafted wonderfully. The shapes in this collection reminded a lot of Grace Jones and her 80’s looks, with wide shoulders and the game of bright colors and futuristic cuts. Streetwalker denim looks, high waisted belted pants, padded shoulders, all are part of the Balmain SS 2019 collection. The architectural pieces are absolutely amazing, so are the icicle looks, which btw, represent so much from the show.

Front row: Irene Kim, Zara Larsson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo, Matt Pokora, Camila Coehlo and more.

Favorite looks:

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Paris Fashion Week Two Random Shows I choose to Watch and Liked – Part 1

We are less than a week before the ending of Paris Fashion Week, and there’s already so much to digest from what has happened on the runaways. To make things easier, I’ve chosen two random shows, which already happened (duh!) and analyzed everything under a microscope.

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Staring off with quite a controversial brand, Off-White. Loved the abundance of immaculate white silhouettes placed at the beginning of the show. Gentle, soft, here and there slightly transparent, teasing your eyes and your senses fabrics poured on the runway, leaving a trace of romanticism mixed with a whole lot of modern and minimalistic approach. Then the bright lime, soft baby blue, grey and yellow combinations, and snake lime prints erased all traces of all of that white, yet the vibe remained almost, kind of, the same. I love how the waist of the woman is accentuated, so are the legs with short skirts and knee pants. Several sportswear silhouettes changed the pace of the collection, coming one at a time, right after phases of heels and skirts.

Front Row: Cara Delavigne, Nathalia Vodianova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Neymar Jr. and more.

Favorite looks:

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Christopher Kane and its Fabolous Show at London Washion Week

Christopher Kane had a fabulous show, presented of course at London Fashion Week, where the crème de la crème of the British designers are currently showcasing collections for Spring/Summer.

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The designer does not disappoint, ever, in terms of attention to details. For this show, there’s an androgyne look, where you simply have to embrace the not knowing at whom you’re looking at. To reinforce the feel, there’s work in creating a soft, attractive look, yet elements are not always embodying the classic feminine. It’s rather playful and a little ‘out of the box’. What you never thought of, you see it here, in this collection, looking more satisfying than what you might think. Fabrics are soft. There is even a return to the classic sneaker, to which I felt I’m back to a very good place. But that’s just a ‘passing through’ the show. What’s really happening, are these red or white victorian inspired booties/shoes, carrying an emphasized shoe tongue, which gives the whole piece the perfect refined feel to work like magic next to all these architectural inspired clothes. Other booties are created to sit relaxed around the ankle and glammed up with a sparkling stripe. Another fantastic match is one between clean looking high sports shoes, with a revealing inside heel paired with clothes from the collection. I really feel Christopher managed to redefine the feminine into a genderless look, yet not losing the softness and the beauty of Venus.

Gucci Pays Tribute to Sir Elton John & 70’s in Dark-Themed SS 2018 Fashion Show

A gender mix show focused on individual pieces rather on a set of looks, was set off to unravel Gucci’s SS 2018 collection, at Milan Fashion Week, on September 20. The mood was dark with a vampiric touch, seen in the makeup, hair and the runway setup. A rather bizarre music arranged by Rob Lewis and Emre Ramazanoglu, directed by Steve Mackey accompanied the models in a trans runway walk, surely meant to add to the general vibe.

The clothes were very much Gucci, with a lot of the velvet silhouettes being mixed in with sparkly fabrics. There was a 70’s feel in the clothes, with sparkly dark nude bodysuits worn underneath, long dresses with large shoulders and men’s perfectly tailored suits. Crystal-studded jewelry, sunglasses, stunning headpieces and crystal headbands worn under the chin added to the extravaganza. Sir Elton John-inspired pieces, a Sega graphic font inspired bag, and few English high society details added into the collection are highlights of the show. “The collection is a mystery through which I can show the personal experience, aesthetic and emotions of what I live” said by designer Alessandro Michele wraps up beautifully the essence of the SS 2018 collection.

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Donatella Versace Pays Legendary Tribute To Gianni Versace With a One-Of-A-Kind Collection

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Donatella Versace paid a one of a kind tribute to Gianni Versace, the man and its work, in her SS 2018 collection, presented at Milan Fashion Week, on September 22, in Milan. The phenomenal throwback featured jaw-dropping prints from Giani Versace’s famous 90’s collections. Now legendary Versace printed tights took the lead on the white runway, accompanied by iconic Versace pieces and moments.

There was plenty of throwbacks to look at, as the runway became a time capsule seasoned with groups of three and four models mixed with two or one silhouettes strutting the glamour of 1990-1995 Versace collections. Most iconic collections to this date, such as SS 1995 butterfly-inspired print collection, the SS 1992 Animalier and Tresor de la Mere, the SS 1991 collection with the legendary Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol, the richness of yellow and black of the FW 1991 Baroque-inspired collection, have been brought back to life. It was the sight of Gianni Versace works, collectively re-building the past. And there was more.

Donatella Versace did not pass the human factor in her effort to piece together a glamorous past. She invited Gianni’s favorite group of supermodels from the 90’s, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni to close with style the show. The five models appeared from behind a curtain, posing still and facing the excited audience, which started clapping, even when disturbed by their phones, agendas, and cameras. The show ended with Donatella and the group of five walking out of the runway as the final piece of the show, George Michael’s Freedom, was playing in the background.

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Emporio Armani’s SS 2018 Collection at London Fashion Week

Emporio Armani’s collection at London Fashion Week had a little Barbie doll vibe to it, thanks to translucent and iridescent fabrics of pastel aquatic colors modeled into stylish tailored pants, schoolgirl-inspired and long dresses with soft ruffled bottoms, various tops, and summer casual and blazer jackets. Small geometric figures prints and applique made their way into the collection, looking jolly, almost cute, especially since the designer paired them with before mentioned pastel aquatic colored pieces. A nice change of seen was made by modern hieroglyph styled prints. The clothes looked marvelous and surprisingly still in tune with what happened before on the runway. The glimpse of color red was there, yet managed to have no say in the final result. Talking of which, could not have been better placed in time.

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Collections That Stood Out at MBFW Istanbul

Rashid by Rasit Bagzibagli
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Rasit Bagzibagli showed off a fun summery collection with a pleasant conversation of sparkly fabrics, artistically assembles of colorful stripes and a relaxed approach.

Şiyar Akboğa
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Siyar Akboga’s collection shown at MBFWI was far away from being romantic or anything of the sort, conquering eyes with elements of a fetish vibe like harness and mesh ripped off masks. In between, he added jacket suit dressy looks, wide leg pants and a nice assembly of bralettes.

Umit Kutluk
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Umit Kutluk had a couple of looks mastered with class and style for his SS 2018 collection, at MBFWI. The designer achieved greatness by shaping fabrics in an unorthodox manner, and then, with the help of girly colors, feather, embroidery and flattering cuts he added style and beauty.

Mehtep Elaidi
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A perfect high-fashion worthy collection of Mehtep Elaidi happened at MBFWI. 60’s palette of colors painted folk-inspired clothes styled by the designer in a modern manner. The inspiration is barely noticeable or at least, too well made to disrupt the rest of the conversation.




Best of Shows From NYFW SS 2018 – Part 2

Paula Knorr
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German designer Paula Knorr used the same approach like most of the brands presenting at NYFW and sent down the runway minimalistic silhouettes which she styled mostly on the sides, keeping the fabric flat on the face and back. The fabrics are shiny, velvety and lacquered, painted in soft browns, red, blue and white. For an extra feel, the designer had the models wearing knee-high boots in matching fabrics.

Xiao Li
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Xiao Li had an adorable collection perfectly executed, with see-through fabrics shaped dolly like but in a nightgown manner and finished off in a modern kind of way. Puffy sleeves, gentle ruffles here and there, geometric flower embroidery at the hem, delicate stripes and soft unpretentious bows made this collection a total crush. Colors: baby pink, baby blue, red and white.

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Speaking of crushes, Zimmermann had me completely melted and mesmerized with their fresh looking sophisticated collection. It reminds me of the aristocracy, just modernized and free of social norms. It looked summery with the flower prints and vintage hand embroidered tablecloth style embroidery arrangements. This collection is delicious but ladylike, with short skirts and white beautifully embellished shirts and jackets with pointed shoulders.

Fenty Puma
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Fenty Puma left me with a good impression, even though we are talking about sportswear. The whole collection abounds in shades of green and blue, played on eye-catching sports clothes, ranging from bralettes to leather costumes.


Best of Shows From NYFW SS 2018 – Part 1

Tom Ford
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The woman from Tom Ford’s SS 2018 collection looked classy with a slight hint of a bad-ass nuance to her personality. Her clothes are undeniably comfy, appealing and alluring. The designer explored the minimalistic appearance, an approach often seen presented at NYFW for SS 2018.

Ulla Johnson
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I don’t know if it’s the background for the show, but Ulla Johnson’s SS collection had me fallen in love with the clothes. I’m feeling the calmness in the colors she chose for this collection. I’m feeling the soft fabrics. It looks feminine and gentle, like a dream.

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GCDS’ collection is like a breath of fresh air among all the disproportionate romance going on.

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Monse stands out from the crowd by having a lovely, down to earth collection, with sporty clothes mixed with casual high heels, socks here and there and hats.

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I was surprised by how much I liked Milly’s collection. The tops are tiny, therefore quite revealing and I love that.

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Adeam is definitely one of the most well-made collections from this NYFW edition. And although the designer joined the existing obnoxious trends happening at the moment on the runway, the collection looks somehow unique from the rest. Fabrics are alluring, colors are mature, cuts are perfect.

Bibhu Mohapatra
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Bibhu Mohapatra left me speechless with an outstanding collection of dresses looking very different from everything happening trend wise. He sent down the runway luxurious looking silhouettes to which I had a hard time choosing a favorite. Execution is perfect, down to the last detail. Colors are earthy and elegant. Shapes are flattering and feminine.

Taoray Wang
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Taoray Wang is another designer with a great collection presented at NYFW. She kept it simple, and added the right details to lift up the mood of the clothes.

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Tibi had lovely long dresses and played with monochromatic silhouettes. The collection is elegant and modern yet unpretentious.




First Impression: In The Working NYFW SS 2018 Leaves Clues of Minimalistic Next Summer

NYFW is still in the workings, yet a first part is close to its end, and continues shortly after, on Monday, which is tomorrow. Speaking of this week, the shows that happened are the first glimpse of what’s going to happen for SS 2018, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we already have it all unraveled. Next week is just as important, and I’m wondering if the styles we had seen this week are going to be present in the upcoming shows.

This week I have seen designers greatly inclined to an even more minimalistic approach in their SS 2018 collections. Silhouettes are designed to look unpretentious, practical, useful and for service. It supposed to be making you feel dressed well at work, on the street and somewhere at a party. The good looks are in the hands of lace, embroidery, ruffles, and cut-outs. And yet, there’s moderation in everything that’s added to make clothes look more than just a piece of garment. The result looks good and satisfying. We almost want it to happen, we want it to be this way.
In many instances, the known shape has been broken and reassembled, a trend that we all know very well from SS 2017 collections. Androgyny is carefully explored.


Quick Look Over NYFW 7-13 September Schedule

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NYFW it’s on its starting point, officially starting from today, 7th September, and lasting until Next Wednesday, 13 September. However, Tom Ford and a few other brands had an earlier start for themselves and unraveled awaited collections yesterday, on the 6th September. With that out of the way, let’s have a quick look at the official schedule and highlight some of the shows presented during NYFW.

Today, Thursday, has a lot going on, and it is just as much for the rest of the week. Desigual is planned to show at noon, followed by a crowded lineup. Late afternoon is going to be American-based Japanese fashion designer Tadashi Shoji ready to show, who’s followed by a total of nine shows, all presented at 6 pm. Before the evening ends with its latest show, scheduled at 9 pm, Calvin Klein is on the list showing at 8 pm. In between, there are five fashion shows happening, and literally, this day will go by with no time to take a breather.

Moving on, Project Runway is planned to show at 9 am on Friday, the 8th. American fashion house Cushnie et Ochs and Jeremy Scott are on the Friday schedule too.

Saturday is going to be the busiest day of all NYFW, with 56 shows so far on the list. London based label Self-Portrait is scheduled in the morning, shortly followed by Jill Stuart. Banana Republic is delivering at 1 Pm and at 4 pm is Christian Siriano’s time to show its latest collection. Philip Plein and Alexander Wang are scheduled to close the day.

Sunday is another busy day, and it is the day when Victoria Beckham label is scheduled to present its latest collection. Can’ t wait for it. Prabal Gurung show is set for the evening. And probably the most talked show from NYFW, Fenty Puma by Rihanna is scheduled before the end of this wonderfully packed day.

Monday, on the 5th day of NYFW the schedule looks a tiny bit more spacious, prove that we’re slowly getting closer to the end of the event. The Row is set to show at the beginning of the day, while Australian girly label Zimmermann has the honor of having its show presented before noon. Zadig & Voltaire, Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera are just a few of the many shows that follow. The day is closed by Kristin Cavallari’s brand Uncommon James + Chinese Laundry.

Tuesday is for Jenny Packham, the label in charge to open the day, Badgley Mischka, J. Mendel, one of my favorites, Naeem Khan and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few from the ones presenting on this day, closed by The Blonds.

Wednesday and the last day of NYFW, is perhaps one of the most laid-back, schedule wise, but has plenty to give for fashion lovers. One of the loveliest designers out there, Michael Kors is presenting its collection at 10 am, and then at 11 am we get surprised by none other than Eva Longoria with her KIA Style collection. Marchesa, Marc Jacobs and Marcel Ostertag are some of the labels set to present. The day is closed by Jia Liu label.

Check the full schedule here.



Glaibera’s Favorite Best Designs From Designer’s Nest’ Award Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer/ 2018 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, and if you’re wondering about dates, let me tell you that we’re talking about 8-12 August. Day 1 began in force, hosting ‘Designer’s Nest’ award show, with Nordic graduates from all over Scandinavia.

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Swedish designer Sofie Antonsson send down the runway an all white urban ensemble with shiny overalls, see through top styled in stripes, gloves and clogs.

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The first winner of this edition, Einaz Gargari from Norway, impressed with her head to toe dresses, some faces being completely impersonated into the dress. I loved her splashed mini white dress.

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Icelander Bergur Gudnason’ risque choice of fabrics turned out into looking assembled to perfection, with no aesthetic discomfort, except for the shoes, I would have chosen different ones. Other than that, there’s nothing more to add, but compliments.

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Norway is again on this list, with an elegant silhouette created by Maria Kiaer. Not a dress, but side-split wide leg pants styled off with a twist and black pattern white blouse.

Best of Runway Day 1 at MBFW Berlin Summer 2018

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Lena Hoschek sent down the runway Hungarian folklore inspired silhouettes, all looking playful and mighty delicious. The color red made a great match with flower patterns and dominated the entire shoewear. The style is diverse, ranging from elegant to hippie. In between, we find off shoulder tops worn next to medium flared skirts. The vibe is playful and flirtatious, reinforced by one-sided braids and flower hair accessories.

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Romanian designer Ioana Ciolacu explored through the minimal by creating for the runway simplistic see through silhouettes covered by comfortable pieces of clothing. The final mood is decided by disrupted proportions or coded looking prints. Hair and makeup serve to the purpose of the collection and are created to look barely touched and even unimportant.

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Nathini Van Der Meer approach for presenting her collection proved to be a breath of fresh air for the lovers of creative delivery. The designer paired its real-life silhouettes with massive paintings depicting models showcasing in relaxed attitudes some other looks from maybe the same collection.

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Berlin SS 2018 is unfolding until Friday, July 7.



Dries Van Noten Displays Unpretentious Men’s SS 2018 Collection

Dries Van Noten delivered unpretentious intellectualism when it showcased its Men’s SS 2018 collection at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, on June 22. The location and set up mattered a great deal to the overall impression, replacing the glam runway with a not fancy at all basement library. It almost looked as if Dries Van Noten is testing his own craft, and if that’s the case, which I doubt, he probably opened the champagne bottle by now, because nothing could have outshined the superb quality of the looks he assembled and sent down the runway.

Although a summer collection, the designer hasn’t shy away from experimenting with shades of browns which then he assembled into one outfit. Besides the brown, comfortable pastel shades had a huge say on the collection, changing the mood of the clothes into looking more approachable.

Prints are important too, adding detail but still created not to disturb the dance of layers and colors. Subtle changes were here and there in the cut or perhaps in the styling, but nonetheless, the designers kept the elements we all feel comfortable about, to which he added these beautiful colors and then assembled everything into a modern approach, like for example, exposing male models legs trough the use of shorts. Styling outfits in layers helped transform office pieces into looking streetstyle approved.

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