Paul Kalkbrenner Announces New EP From his Berlin Music Studio

Paul Kalkbrenner at SMS 2018

Paul Kalkbrenner‘s new EP is ALMOST here! The German Dj answered a few questions and shared the good news in a Facebook video, right from his Berlin music studio (great studio ambiance btw). It’s a rare sight into Paul Kalkbrenner’s life and work, which makes it all even better for fans. A couple of old but much loved tracks mixed with snippets of ‘Speak Up’ (the new release) made this “comeback” session an enjoyable and very informative experience.

About ‘Speak Up‘:
• The EP will be released at the beginning of June, this year.
• Is a four tracks selection.
• It includes ‘Laser In’, a track with a techno feel. This change of sound comes as a suprise, if we think to all of those “clasic” Paul Kalkbrenner tracks we love so much. Even so, new release means extremly good news for fans.

Watch the whole Paul Kalkbrenner Studiosession#1 from Berlin music studio here.



Andrea Bocelli Performs Easter Concert at Milan’s Duomo

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli walked inside Milan’s empty Duomo Cathedral on 12 April for a very special no public performance entitled “Music for Hope”. This comes as a loving message for Italian people and the rest of the world. As we know, Italy has been under strict lockdown for more than three weeks now, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The famous opera singer said “I believe in the strength of praying together. I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth that everyone, whether they are believers or not, truly needs right now”. As we are approaching Easter, many of us are planning traditions inside our home and wondering how this will work out. Peace and hope are what we need.

This is 24 minutes audience-free concert and can be streamed online from Andrea Bocelli’s YouTube channel.

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2020 BRIT Awards Highlights

The Brit Awards, one of Britain’s most important music events, took place yesterday. Now that it has gone, there’s a list of winners and highlights that need to be shared, such as Billie Ellish‘s ‘No Time to Die’ James Bond theme live performance. The singer was joined on stage by the one and only Hans Zimmer and artist Finneas, with whom she actually worked on creating the soundtrack. Last night’s event not only means performing for the young artist but winning as well. Ellish went home with the International Female Solo Artist Award, from an intimidating list of nominees.

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Harry Styles is another artist who kept having moments at the Brit Awards, most talked about being the fashion choices he made for the night, as the singer had several outfits changes. We all know Styles is not one to blend with the rest and can set trends, as it seems he already done with the shoes he wore. Imagine the power! On top of him becoming the star of the night, he had a moment on stage to performt ‘Falling’ from his second album Fine Line, released 16th November 2019.

As for winners, there are plenty to mention, such as the charismatic Mabel, who won the Female Solo Artist Award. The male version of the same award went to British rapper Stormzy. This is not a surprise since his most recent album Heavy is the Head, is a big success in the UK since the day of release 13th December 2019. Other winners include English rock band Foals with Best Group Award and Scottish singer and songwriter Lewis Capaldi who received Best Song Award for his successful track ‘Someone You Loved’, with whom he was nominated at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

Other artists performing: Rod Stewart and Lizzo.


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Swiss Rapper Stress Releases MV for ‘Legend’ Ft Nemo

Swiss rapper Stress officially has a music video for ‘Legend’ feat Nemo (cause of course- he is the god of collaborations), a track from his Sincerement album, released back in 2019, October 4, after five years of “no album” period. All this time, fans have been missing having something new from Stress, and it feels magical now that it happened. Back to 2020, I love that there’s an actual music video, which makes everything more set in stone and somehow better created. I mean, we have a proper album and then a proper MV, with all the elements that it needs. The track in itself is chill, like a nice car ride through paradise. What can you ask for more?
‘Legend’ MV premiered on February 11, on Youtube.

Nikkie Tutorials is Hosting Eurovision2020

Almost 90 days till this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and famous Youtube beauty guru Nikkie de Jager, from Nikkie Tutorials, was announced as a host. It keeps getting better since the contest is taking place right in the Netherlands, Nikkie’s homeland, at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena, in Rotterdam city. This location has three halls, with the main hall having a capacity of fitting more than 15000 people.

So till May, we can entertain ourselves with some of the songs already available to the public, as there’s still more to unfold as we go. Roxene, who’s going to represent Romania, is one of the artists competing, but we already are familiar with her already famous track ‘You Don’t Love Me’.

Diodato represents Italy, with Fai Rumore, the same tune he has won San Remo Music Festival this month. Germany will be revealing its Eurovision Entry on 27 of February. So as I said, there’s still more news to come. Malta is represented by Destiny Chukunyere, who’s 17, yet no stranger to a contest of such length, since she already won the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2015 and came back in 2019 as a back vocalist for Michela Pace. Samanta Tina is coming from Lavia, with ‘Stil Breathing’.

Important dates are 12th, 14h and 16th for the last finale.

So, are you excited about Eurovision?

K-Pop Band iKON is Back With a New EP

K-pop band iKON is having a successful comeback with their third EP ‘I Decide’, released a couple of days ago. This is two years after ‘Return’ when the band won the hearts of their audience with Love Scenario. It’s already been two years, and the track is still as delightful as always. And now they are doing it again with ‘Dive’. I don’t know how that happened, but their dance performance video made it first into my feed, and at first, I thought it to be something they already had. Speaking of which, for ‘Dive’ they already have an official music video and their dance video, so in a sense, we get a full package. That’s great, cause two years is a long time and this comeback is just what we need.


Tom Ford’s Dashing Women Fall 2020 Front Row

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As we all know, it’s Fashion Week for Fall 2020, and we all know what that means, right? Front row dipped in celebs arrived from all over the world, looking fashionable. I can almost forget who’s an actor or a singer once I see them gracing the front seat next so many other exciting figures.
And then we have Tom Ford, who knows just the right celebs and the very best of clothes, cause, of course, he makes them. And then there’s New York, so Tom Ford’s women collection for Fall 2020 is quite the sight, and that I can tell only by looking at a couple of pictures. Imagine being there!

I have to start by fangirling over Chiara Ferragni, who came with her husband. I kind of wish she wore a dress, yet she didn’t and instead matched her blonde hair with a velvet turquoise suit. Taylor Hill, Gina Gershon, Camila Coelho, and Rumer Willis, who came with her gorgeous mom, Demi Moore, all shared Ferregni’s preference for pants and blazer. I feel like a lot of celebs brought a family member, like Miley Cyrus and her brother Trace Cyrus or Ciara and Russell Wilson. Dr. Dre was amongst the invites, together with his wife and daughter. Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet and a few more couples were there too, and as I said, Tom Ford’s Fall front row is just as creative as the show itself. Other names were there, and some came by themselves, yet no one skipped the dress code for the event – dashing.

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Tokio Hotel is Bringing Back the 90’s in Their Latest Music Release

Tokio Hotel is back with a new single after not long ago the band released ‘Melancholic Paradise’. I have to say, listening to this new track makes me feel like I’m back in time somehow when Bill Kaulitz was screaming his heart out on rock vibes. The die-hard fans noticed the similarity, and for sure it brought back a lot of memories from the “Humanoid” era for example. ‘When It Rains It Pours’ has a music video starring mainly Tom Kaulitz who’s rocking his guitar, his hair and at the same time doing a favor to viewers. On a very serious note, Tokio Hotel managed successfully to bring back the 90’s. Who’s in?

Megan Washington Releases Her New Collab with Japanese Wallpaper

Australian artist Megan Washington, aka Washington, is back with new work, this time spoiling us with a sweet collaboration she did with dream pop band Japanese Wallpaper. Back in November 2018, she released the single ‘Claws’, with lyrics and sound touching the right places of fans who have been waiting for new tracks since 2016. Now in 2019, she reworked just a tiny bit the same ‘Claws’, adding a more electro feel thanks to Japanese Wallpaper. I have to say I love both versions and I’m feeling super pumped for Washington’s comeback.

You Should Know About These Shows From Hera Seoul Fashion Week FW 2019

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Hera Seoul Fashion Week had it’s very last FW 2019 shows just a couple of days ago, and it’s still on everyone’s mind. The five days event packed as much fashion as possible and prepared the Korean fashion-savvy for the following cold season.

Chang Kwang Hyo and few other names, including Sewing Boundaries who seemed to know the essence of Korean street style fashion – including the beloved long puffer jacket, bravely opened day one of Seoul Fashion Week. Besides the well-tailored men suit the South Korean designer introduced in his Caruso Menswear collection long aprons with a canvas feel. Ultimately the apron becomes a look-alike real-life art piece.

Songzio showcased a slightly more aggressive look, yet the clothes are inviting. Here we meet the metropolitan man who likes to keep it simple, without losing its edginess. Every piece looks impeccable, showing hints that he is a perfectionist above all. He wants the comfort, the style, and he is also the kind of man who likes to look unnaproachable.

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Behind Munn’s unique look stands South Korean designer Han Hyun-min who won just last season the Best New Designer prize at Seoul Fashion Week. The presentation for FW 2019 had a mystical feel thanks to mysterious characters hiding behind lacy full face coverups, bucket hats, and odd makeup. In spite of the secrecy, each piece is on the catwalk to win your fashionable side. Flexible, modern, easy to combine with other pieces and overall just easy to wear.

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Day five and last day of Seoul Fashion Week had the Charm’s fashion show, where models sported white highlights and as we know the South Koreans are all about looking as pretty as possible. The grey hair had been styled to look pretty, and every face on the catwalk received the good hairstyle, except for when the models rocked caps of all sorts. The clothes almost remind of Cruella, with spots of black on white mostly appearing to be stars of different sizes.

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Vlad Caia and Chloé Bring the New Releases For The Music Blog Section

Romanian DJ Vlad Caia has five tracks in his sleeves released at about the beginning of the year. The EP named ‘Division 2’ (where on Earth are my roman numerals?) invites to a steady stream of sensations and gestures.There’s no journey to there but to here where things happen, yet if you’re not careful, you might miss the plot. It’s a subtle, yet rich world that you must experience.

Second music release comes from French DJ Chloé, who’s only yesterday announced her new EP ‘Sudden Impact’. It’s only three tracks, but enough to keep you satisfied and well fed. Rich in French electro vibes, ‘What Will Be’, ‘Resolve And Dive’ and ‘Last Go Round’ take you on a ‘let’s dance and live the life’ journey, which I’m certain you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Three New Music Releases Coming From European Producers

Voin Orowu’s music is fairly new to me, yet I was on board as soon as I got my ears on one of his tracks. And here we are, not long after, talking about a new LP with ten works coming from the producer, released on Kvitnu label. ‘Etudes From a Starship’ sounds deep and alien, yet Voin Orowu is all about space sounds. He works with a synthesizer for all the sounds he’s making. ‘Decay Instability’ is the latest release from the LP, so here you have it. You welcome!


And the groove you’ve been waiting for – just in tune for entering Spring, comes from Danish band M.I.L.K. The voice behind ‘Jet Ski’ belongs to vocalist Emil Wilk, who’s singing by himself a very chill, no worries song. The track has it’s very own music video, giving a glimpse of the singer, who looks bohemian and artsy. He stares into your soul while you’re kind of moving to the rhythm. I must say, I’ve already had it on repeat for the most part of today, which is not a surprise, but very good news indeed.

And last but not least release comes from the one and only Parov Stelar. The Austrian extraordinaire musician is releasing music when you’re least expecting. Or it’s just me being overly busy and not keeping with the rest of the world. Thing is, the track is here. From what I’ve read on its social media, this is the very first work from an upcoming brand new album – set for release somewhere at the end of the year. Man, the wait is long but has to be worth it. Till then, we have ‘Gringo’ to keep us company. The music video is said to be the hand-made work of Parov Stelar himself, who’s been creating with more than 1600 pictures a very lively scene. I am suspecting this will not be the last time we get to see the craft, as the whole album is still in ‘hiding’.


Cro Shows Off His Rapping Skills In New Collaboration With KitschKrieg

Cro is back with new work, this time gifting us with the collaboration he did with German band KitschKrieg, in which he raps next to the extraordinaire voices of AnnenMayKantereit and Trettmann. I could not have picked a better mix of artists to create this wunderschön track ‘5 Minuten’, as KitschKrieg named the work. There comes Cro, rapping lyrics in his signature style – sensual and sleepy. Next, there’s AnnenMayKantereit with a one of a kind ”sehr süß face. When he starts singing you get electrocuted. The guy with the sweetest face has the manliest voice you probably have heard in a very long time. This is the experience of a lifetime. You’ll never feel anything like it. And then there Trettmann, known for his reggae rapping style. He’s cool and talented. On another note, I literally don’t know who to thank for such a great collaboration. Whoever came up with the idea of bringing all these voices together deserves an award. ‘5 Minuten’ ladies and gentleman!

Jason Derulo’s Amazing Collab With LAY and Boy Band ‘NCT 127’

Jason Derulo pulled out a collab to be remembered between him, LAY and NCT 127. ‘Let’s Shut Up & Dance’ sounds like a good invitation, and obviously, we are not going to refuse it. As for LAY, the singer is doing pretty well in his solo career, considering he is also busy with his EXO projects. Congrats to boy band NCT 127 too. They look amazing in the video, which btw, have you seen it? Those video effects, damn! LAY’s sensual voice has been catching attention, and when I say ‘sensual’ I am just saying it the way it sounds to me. And it’s all good and fun. I am really enjoying this track and I love the music video.