Ocean’s 8 Movie – A Perfect Robbery at the Met Gala

Power cast type of movie is always a delicacy to be looking forward to having it, in this case, seeing it. I’m talking about Ocean’s 8, where Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathway, Mindy Roling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter are partaking in a robbery plan, as thieves and other characters. Somewhere in the movie, TV host, James Cordon makes an appearance where he’s having a sort of personal conversation with Sandra Bullock. The actress plays Danny Ocean’s estranged sister Debbie, who’s planning to build a team and make a perfect robbery at the Met Gala, imagine that. Just like in real life, the annual fashion event and Anna Wintour go hand in hand, so it is no surprise to see the famous editor making a cameo in the movie. Rihanna is yet another exciting appearance, the singer playing a sort of underground character. This movie makes a perfect addition to the singer’s professional life, with her being involved in fashion as a fashion designer and having her Fenty Beauty collection not so long launched.
The whole cast is gold. Oscar-winning actresses theme holds weight and promises for quite an experience. The movie is to be released in summer.

December 14 -15 Celebrity Fashion

Diane Kruger took her velvet blazer dress to ACRIA’s 22nd annual holiday dinner. The actress went for an all-black outfit, topped with a single white stripe at the sleeves and on her long fabric belt. She then added more light, by carrying with her a black clutch completely studded with pearls. Love it!

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Singer Lena, who not long ago made my day by attending Chanel’s Metiers D’Art fashion show, as a front row face, was seen rocking just the other day a Kim Kardashian kind of look, with black top, track pants and boots, while performing live on stage at Huxleys, in Berlin. I like this approach on her.

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I’m glad seeing Kylie Minogue in a different place other than on stage (not that I’m complaining). It happened in Melbourne at the premiere of her latest project, comedy movie ‘Swinging Safari’. Her look for the event is relaxed, trendy and fresh, with a good conversation between shoes and dress.

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Singer and actress Maite Peroni made a delightful appearance on the red carpet while attending the premiere of musical drama ‘The Greatest Showman’, in Mexico City. Wouldn’t call myself exactly the biggest fan of her dress, but I will pretend I’m ok with it just because I like her. Rebelde anyone?

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Francia Raisa’s flared and extraordinaire pants have made my day, cause they are just cool. Love how the waist is built, love the stripes, the colors, the shape and even the length. She wore them with a cropped top, just simple one, and some pretty red strappy heels, the classic style. And that’s how it’s done.

Where: the Premiere Of ABC’s ‘Grown-ish’

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Although I’m not into these type of showy dresses, I’m gonna go and make a second exception for today, since Brittany Snow’s dress has those playful flowers placed nicely as a cover-up of some sort. It is such an innocent element, but it does so much to this dress, so much so that I will say yes to the dress. And besides, Britanny Snow is quite the charmer. In the end, it all works together well.

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Highlights from Energy Star Night 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 13.23.23

Switzerland’s biggest indoor music event, Energy Star Night, opened its gate once again, at Hallenstadion, in Zurich, on Friday, November 17 to party it up, entertaining a good number of about 13.000 music lovers with international artists and country’s most beloved music groups and singers.

The night did not miss out on emotional moments, especially when the organizers brought from the street on stage to perform a talented street musician, named Jakula Ondra, from Poland. Newcomer of the year moment is also an emotional one, in particular for the winner, Swiss artist Nemo.

Good music made it from the stage to the crowd, coming from American singer artist Anastacia, UK artist Anne-Marrie who performed the well-known track Rockabye and the very talented Mark Forster, who’s come all the way from Germany to perform his energizing track ‘Chöre’. Switzerland’s darling Luca Hänni performed ‘Purple Rain’ in a duet with Jontsch. Swiss group Baba Shrimps, Finnish band Sunrise Avenue, French Dj duo Ofenbach, Alex Aiomo, Berlin-based Dj Alle Farben and Swiss duo Remedy & Manu-L performed as well.

The crowd received the very best ending, in a Swiss kind of way, with none other than Swiss rap duo Lo & Leduc performing on stage.

Photo Credit to @Ramona Betschart on Instagram

CHANEL: A Tribute To Juliane Moore

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I’ve been missing seeing Chanel in the media lately, and then it happened, a small event that had me get the needed dosage of glam and class. With this out of the way, I can now talk about what it was.

Held in New York, at MOMA, the event gathered friends and supporters to celebrate Julianne Moore under a long and fancy title event: The Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit presented by CHANEL: A Tribute to Julianne Moore. Chanel and Julianne Moore in the same sentence equal a rush of excitement, cause I’m in love with both subjects. For such an occasion the actress brought two of her family members to join in – husband and daughter. Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld, designer Rachel Roy were there, looking just as classy and refined.

I have to talk a bit about how everyone behaved fashion-wise. Kristen Stewart integrated her cropped top signature into a pants and jacket ensemble, while Moore opted for sparks and a touch of sensuality. Metallic made quite an appearance among the silhouettes – let’s not forget it is a powerful trend for SS 2018 – why not wear it already? And, last but not least, I’m having a big crush on Jessica Seinfeld’s lovely pink and brown dress.


Kirsten Stewart Dolls Up in Pink and It’s Wonderful

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Kristen Stewart showed up in a two-piece assemble recently in LA, at the Premiere Of Starlight Studios And Refinery29’s ‘Come Swim’ at The Landmark on November 9, and I’ve fallen for it. It is such a simple look, and yet so perfect and sophisticated. The white and pink combination is a fashion approach you should try, at least once in a while. It can scoop out the softest vibe out of you, without being too much. Obviously, the pieces you wear are important. Kristen went for a cropped top, and this is her signature, and then she added a lovely pink wide-leg pair of trousers that had a ruffled waist – a trend I see happening more and more these days.

Julianne Moore Conducts an Impeccable Set of Fashion Appearances At Venice Film Festival

I once watched a show where somebody said about Julienne Moore that she’s getting better and better with time, fashion wise, just like a good wine. I took that as a motivation, but I wasn’t really into Julianne Moore’s history. Now I know that she’s 56 and looking great. On top of that, she’s slaying in the fashion style department. Every single time.
Recently she’s been in Venice for Venice Film Festival, together with George Clooney and Matt Damon, for their movie Sububircon. Here the actress had several appearances, and I have to say I’ve been impressed by every each one of her looks. It is almost impossible to pick one favorite, but if I would have to do it, her flowy red gown with pink seemed to work best in favor to her red hair, rosy cheeks and red lips. A second almost impossible to pick favorite would be her t-shirt embroidered dress she was wearing for the Sububircon photocall. And last but not least, I loved her fringy dress that had a sort of apron. An absolutely stunning piece of clothing.

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Mauricio Ochmann and Wife Aislinn Derbez play in Comedy Movie ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’

Actor Mauricio Ochmann stars alongside his wife, Aislinn Derbez, in comedy movie Hazlo como Hombre (Do it Like a Man), officially set for release in Mexic on August 11. It is directed by Nicolás López, who gets mentioned together with Guillermo Amoedo at being responsible for the screenplay.

In the movie, Raúl, played by Ochmann, is a conservative and macho type of guy who’s perfect world gets completely shaken up after one of his two long time friends, Santiago, played by Alfonso Dosal, is confessing his homosexuality. The subject is still a tabu chapter to Raúl, who is devastated and wants his friend back to how he used to be. Convinced that it is all a phase, he and his other friend Eduardo, played by Humberto Busto, are set on a journey of finding answers which ultimately, as they are hoping, could cure their beloved indeed gay friend.

Language: Spanish.

Actors Ariel Levy, Alfonso Dosal, Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Humberto Busto, Ignacia Allamand and film director Nicolas Lopez at the ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’ premiere on August 8, in Mexico.

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Three Memorable Tracks Played at Ultra Miami by Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones in b2b Set

Seth Troxler had a b2b session at Ultra Music Festival Miami on March 26 with none other than Jamie Jones. These two guys seem to be often in each others company during music events, and that ends up well. At Ultra Miami the set they’ve build lasted for two hours and held Troxler’s unique style of interfering with the track right when you’re about to have your ascension to another dimension, and then still get you satisfied. As for Jamie Jones, I feel like his style is more aligned with the audience and when combined with Troxler’s craft, the delivery just gets to a whole new level.

The set had a lot to offer, most tracks being the treasure type, like Sweet Light’s Trixx. The tune is from 2004 and may be uncomfortable for listening to headphones due to a patterned scratchy sound, which gets better and better as the track evolves and relaxes.
Old School from Metronomy received a well-deserved attention at the beginning of the set, and it may be or may be not worked by ID artist, but Fatima Yamaha did just as good at remixing it back in June, last year.
What I Want from DirrtyDishes and Mikah, officially released in March this year, is another track that stood out with its impressive voice and lyrics repeated on a danceable orchestration.


Maceo Plex Has Finally Released His Newest Album ‘Solar’

Maceo Plex has been releasing a good bunch of remixes and collaborations in the past few years, leaving fans satisfied enough but the best part has been only recently presented, consisting of an actual album from the artist. Officially announced on June 16, it is said to be inspired by Maceo’s paternal experience since the birth of his child. And although you wouldn’t normally compose techno out of your child-parent bond, if Maceo has done it, we can only take his word for it and embrace the subject and the method.

Eleven tracks are making the cut on the album, named ‘Solar’ after Maceo’s son, and if you’re in doubt, I will tell you that a while back the artist composed a track with a similar name, ‘Solar Detroit’. Not the same thing. Back to what has happened on the new album, with ‘Polygon Pulse’ I have a feeling of Deja vu. ‘The Separation’ is a tantalizing call to a surreal past, and ‘Solar Wind’ wins in terms of edginess. ‘Lucid Dreamer’ starts off sounding lifeless but slowly builds up emotion and even pleasure.

With all these great tracks it seems not only unappropriate to choose a favorite but pointless too, proving once again the quality of Maceo Plex’s craft.

Producer Bassnectar Gets Philosophical and Releases 6 Tracks Music Project

American Dj and record producer Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar has gifted his faithful fans with a new release that’s been already out for about a week. Not a stereotypical album, the new music project, as he calls it, consists of six new tracks, all but one being collaborative works of himself and other artists. He has worked with Gnar Gnar and Born I Music for the track ‘I’m Up’ and softened the sound to ‘Was Will Be’ with the help of Mimi Page‘s angelic voice.

Other collaborations include Macntaj, who’s voice gets featured to ‘Infrared’ and artist Dorfex Bos for ‘Horizons’. Bassnectar has also worked with G Jones for making the track ‘Underground’.

This music project gets completed by Arps Of Revolución, which is 100% Bassnectar. While releasing the tracks, the artist spoke of how he felt reflective on life and how that gave him the inspiration for the name of the album. So ‘Reflective’ it is.