Paul Kalkbrenner Announces New EP From his Berlin Music Studio

Paul Kalkbrenner at SMS 2018

Paul Kalkbrenner‘s new EP is ALMOST here! The German Dj answered a few questions and shared the good news in a Facebook video, right from his Berlin music studio (great studio ambiance btw). It’s a rare sight into Paul Kalkbrenner’s life and work, which makes it all even better for fans. A couple of old but much loved tracks mixed with snippets of ‘Speak Up’ (the new release) made this “comeback” session an enjoyable and very informative experience.

About ‘Speak Up‘:
• The EP will be released at the beginning of June, this year.
• Is a four tracks selection.
• It includes ‘Laser In’, a track with a techno feel. This change of sound comes as a suprise, if we think to all of those “clasic” Paul Kalkbrenner tracks we love so much. Even so, new release means extremly good news for fans.

Watch the whole Paul Kalkbrenner Studiosession#1 from Berlin music studio here.



Soon To be Released German Comedy ‘Nightlife’ Brings In The Good Vibes

In the latest comedy German movie Nightlife directed by Simon Verhoeven, actor Elyas M’Barek plays Milo, a bartender in Berlin, who’s life happens during the night, with lots of partying and women. His life is completely the opposite of what he sees during the day. All that is about to change when one night he meets a very charming woman, whom he sees as his perfect dream wife. The woman named Sunny and played by actress Palina Rojinsky, is just about to head over to the USA where she is supposed to start her dream job in the music industry, which she loves. Milo has just one week the prevent his dream woman from going away, so he does what any man would do, plan a first date as soon as possible. They are supposed to date the same day, but before Milo has to get through an unplanned adventure, all thanks to his friend Renzo, played by Frederick Lau. The two men are planning to open a shop, only that Renzo has gotten himself in trouble in the process of getting the money he needs. There are romance, adrenaline, good mood and good vibes.

Official release: 13 February

Jan Blomqvist’s Brand New Album “Disconnected” Is The Treat You’ve Been Waiting For

Jan Blomqvist’s latest and brand-new album is this close to becoming available and officially out. The producer announced on his social media the name and date of the release, which is being celebrated with a soon to be album tour.

He named it “Disconnected”, which goes very well with Blomqvist’s nostalgic general vibe and music style. Twelve tracks are nicely packed together into what promises to be a very good treat for fans. Or for any other electro music lover. “Maybe Not” and “Our Broken Mind Embassy” have made the jump, being the two tracks chosen to be the tease before the release. We also have a music video, which makes things so much more exciting. The album is set to be out this Friday, 5th October.

December 14 -15 Celebrity Fashion

Diane Kruger took her velvet blazer dress to ACRIA’s 22nd annual holiday dinner. The actress went for an all-black outfit, topped with a single white stripe at the sleeves and on her long fabric belt. She then added more light, by carrying with her a black clutch completely studded with pearls. Love it!

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Singer Lena, who not long ago made my day by attending Chanel’s Metiers D’Art fashion show, as a front row face, was seen rocking just the other day a Kim Kardashian kind of look, with black top, track pants and boots, while performing live on stage at Huxleys, in Berlin. I like this approach on her.

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I’m glad seeing Kylie Minogue in a different place other than on stage (not that I’m complaining). It happened in Melbourne at the premiere of her latest project, comedy movie ‘Swinging Safari’. Her look for the event is relaxed, trendy and fresh, with a good conversation between shoes and dress.

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Singer and actress Maite Peroni made a delightful appearance on the red carpet while attending the premiere of musical drama ‘The Greatest Showman’, in Mexico City. Wouldn’t call myself exactly the biggest fan of her dress, but I will pretend I’m ok with it just because I like her. Rebelde anyone?

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Francia Raisa’s flared and extraordinaire pants have made my day, cause they are just cool. Love how the waist is built, love the stripes, the colors, the shape and even the length. She wore them with a cropped top, just simple one, and some pretty red strappy heels, the classic style. And that’s how it’s done.

Where: the Premiere Of ABC’s ‘Grown-ish’

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Although I’m not into these type of showy dresses, I’m gonna go and make a second exception for today, since Brittany Snow’s dress has those playful flowers placed nicely as a cover-up of some sort. It is such an innocent element, but it does so much to this dress, so much so that I will say yes to the dress. And besides, Britanny Snow is quite the charmer. In the end, it all works together well.

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Winners of GQ Men of the Year Award Germany

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Berlin’s Avant-Garde Volksbühne Theater Freed From Activists Occupation & Anti- Gentrification Protest

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Volksbühne Theater aka Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in the city of Berlin had been recently involved in protests, the building having been occupied since September 22 by activists represented by musicians, actors, and anti-gentrification supporters. The protests aim against the unfamiliar direction Chris Dercon, director of the Theatre since 2015, is planning on taking the Volksbühne Theater. Since yesterday, the building is out from the occupation, negotiations between the activists and Dercon being the next practical move to follow.

More on the story here.

Best of Runway Day 1 at MBFW Berlin Summer 2018

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Lena Hoschek sent down the runway Hungarian folklore inspired silhouettes, all looking playful and mighty delicious. The color red made a great match with flower patterns and dominated the entire shoewear. The style is diverse, ranging from elegant to hippie. In between, we find off shoulder tops worn next to medium flared skirts. The vibe is playful and flirtatious, reinforced by one-sided braids and flower hair accessories.

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Romanian designer Ioana Ciolacu explored through the minimal by creating for the runway simplistic see through silhouettes covered by comfortable pieces of clothing. The final mood is decided by disrupted proportions or coded looking prints. Hair and makeup serve to the purpose of the collection and are created to look barely touched and even unimportant.

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Nathini Van Der Meer approach for presenting her collection proved to be a breath of fresh air for the lovers of creative delivery. The designer paired its real-life silhouettes with massive paintings depicting models showcasing in relaxed attitudes some other looks from maybe the same collection.

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Berlin SS 2018 is unfolding until Friday, July 7.