Private Policy Presented by GQ China at LFWM

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Men’s Fashion Week is on the go, London being the first stop. Already at its second day of shows, and so much has happened. By looking at a couple of collections, I can see how things have calmed down, sort of, after a very experimental period. At least that’s how I felt about what happened in the past two to three years, strictly men’s fashion speaking. My favorite so far from LVWM Autumn/Winter 19-20 is Private Policy Presented by GQ China’s collection. I vibed with it. There’s a sort of freshness to it, like a forever young spirit. I have seen clothes that could satisfy various needs, ages (if you care) and styles. All of this under the same brand. And on top of that, there’s like a brotherhood transition from a fancy suit to an edgy-looking situation. It’s all connected, even though it may, in theory, look apart. One of my favorite looks is down below.

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Front row: AJ Pritchard, Addis Miller, Eyal Booker.

Liu Yifei Plays Three Lives in Fantasy Romantic Drama ‘Once Upon a Time’

For all you lovers of Asian fantasy movies, here’s a grandiose treat to watch this August, or September, when the Chinese romantic drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ is closing the journey of releases in its last destination, Japan. Starring actors Liu Yifei and Yong Yong, the project is based on the fantasy novel ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms’ (aka To The Sky Kingdom) by TangQi Gongzi.

Gorgeously shot scenes instantly grab your curiosity, enslaving you into wanting more of it. The clothes, makeup, and hairstyle of the actors are in tune with the story, but it’s the scenery and colors that make everything altogether appear so enchanting. I’m speaking of dreamy lands with gorgeous pink blossoming trees, floating islands of paradisiac beauty and yes, love.

Speaking of it, I have a feeling that this movie is going to be quite a journey into the love colors, and is not going to be always bright. Liu Yifei is great at expressing the sweetest affection and then turn your world completely upside down. She gets help from handsome Yang Yang, who is just as capable of honoring its surreal role into a surreal delivery. Popcorn anyone?