Three New Music Releases Coming From European Producers

Voin Orowu’s music is fairly new to me, yet I was on board as soon as I got my ears on one of his tracks. And here we are, not long after, talking about a new LP with ten works coming from the producer, released on Kvitnu label. ‘Etudes From a Starship’ sounds deep and alien, yet Voin Orowu is all about space sounds. He works with a synthesizer for all the sounds he’s making. ‘Decay Instability’ is the latest release from the LP, so here you have it. You welcome!


And the groove you’ve been waiting for – just in tune for entering Spring, comes from Danish band M.I.L.K. The voice behind ‘Jet Ski’ belongs to vocalist Emil Wilk, who’s singing by himself a very chill, no worries song. The track has it’s very own music video, giving a glimpse of the singer, who looks bohemian and artsy. He stares into your soul while you’re kind of moving to the rhythm. I must say, I’ve already had it on repeat for the most part of today, which is not a surprise, but very good news indeed.

And last but not least release comes from the one and only Parov Stelar. The Austrian extraordinaire musician is releasing music when you’re least expecting. Or it’s just me being overly busy and not keeping with the rest of the world. Thing is, the track is here. From what I’ve read on its social media, this is the very first work from an upcoming brand new album – set for release somewhere at the end of the year. Man, the wait is long but has to be worth it. Till then, we have ‘Gringo’ to keep us company. The music video is said to be the hand-made work of Parov Stelar himself, who’s been creating with more than 1600 pictures a very lively scene. I am suspecting this will not be the last time we get to see the craft, as the whole album is still in ‘hiding’.


Glaibera’s Favorite Best Designs From Designer’s Nest’ Award Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer/ 2018 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, and if you’re wondering about dates, let me tell you that we’re talking about 8-12 August. Day 1 began in force, hosting ‘Designer’s Nest’ award show, with Nordic graduates from all over Scandinavia.

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Swedish designer Sofie Antonsson send down the runway an all white urban ensemble with shiny overalls, see through top styled in stripes, gloves and clogs.

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The first winner of this edition, Einaz Gargari from Norway, impressed with her head to toe dresses, some faces being completely impersonated into the dress. I loved her splashed mini white dress.

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Icelander Bergur Gudnason’ risque choice of fabrics turned out into looking assembled to perfection, with no aesthetic discomfort, except for the shoes, I would have chosen different ones. Other than that, there’s nothing more to add, but compliments.

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Norway is again on this list, with an elegant silhouette created by Maria Kiaer. Not a dress, but side-split wide leg pants styled off with a twist and black pattern white blouse.