John 00 Fleming is Reminescing of the Past in His Latest Trance Release

John Fleming aka John 00 Fleming is gathering rewards as we speak, at the same time having a fresh track on his sleeves, newly released and quite potent, if I may say so. The Dj described Looking Back. To Look Forward. as “A dance floor friendly track” with nuances from the past. Listening to the original version, I get the feeling I’m listening to a classic beat, with a perfect closing that’s slowly but surely progressing from a catching-ear start. To me, it looks like we have a hit, ladies and gentleman!

Lost Souls Of Saturn AKA Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa Make Live Debut in Zurich’s Main Train Station

A few days ago saw on my Facebook feed a 20-meter high sculpture by hand crochet tent, created by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Net and placed inside Zurich’s main train station – little I knew about its actual purpose. As it turns out, music and architectural design mashed into one beautiful project meant to serve for a debut scene and a wonderful meeting point. For this project Nordstern Basel and Fondation Beyeler collaborated with the newly formed music band, Lost Souls of Saturn to create a special moment. Lost Souls of Saturn is a duo consisting of none other than producer Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa. The two of them are no stranger at working together, as Troxler had several collabs with the sound scientist Moffa, who is known for his ‘out of this world’ ambient works. As for Troxler, it kind of shook me into my chair. The DJ is publicly seen as being a sensual type of artist, so this comes as a big surprise. And to close this little note, the event happened on July 12th with a little over an hour long live debut. You can watch and listen to the whole set here.

Finnish Dj Yotto is Back With New Shooting Sounds – Inspiration: Finland’s Rural Landscape

North is the last EP released by Finnish Dj Yotto, packed with five Finland’s rural landscape-inspired works. North is also the title of one the tracks, released to the public on October 6, when the whole album has made its way out in the world. Yotto is known for the quality of his craft, if we only mention the unprecedented five Pete Tongs’s ‘Essential New Tunes’ on BBC Radio 1.

I loved the new track and I still do. It makes for a perfect tune when you all you need is something soothing. I guess we can blame on Finland. Can we really?

Maceo Plex Performs a Techno Dominated Set at Helsinki Flow Festival

Maceo Plex showed off his magic on the first day of Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland. He worked an almost two hours and a half set dominated by techno goodies, some being quite the vintage type. A good example is 1994 Dave Clarke’s Red 2 (Wisdom To The Wise) played just after the 2011 Acapella track Supernatural by King Britt and Firely with lyrics mastered by none other than Ursula Rucker. He then played Relax officially released by himself in 2010 under Maetrik name.

Other goodies:

Citizen Kain – Apathy, released 2017.

Dj Skull and Ron Maney- Vision Revelations, released 2014.

Ilan Bluestone Drops a Second Giuseppe De Luca Collab

With a total of 5 tracks already released this year, Anjunabeats star Ilan Bluestone is ready with a new collaboration, with it scoring a second track featuring artist Giuseppe De Luca. If you remember, back in 2016 “Bigger Than Love” was released, a tune with the qualities of a proper trance anthem.

This new track titled Frozen Ground is slightly softer but nevertheless, a gift to fans who have been waiting for this release to happen. Ilan has been touring in Canada, where he took advantage and showed off his soon to be released collaboration.

Speaking of that, Giuseppe De Luca’s voice seems to fit like a glove to Ilan’s tunes. I call it match made in trance heaven.

Genre: Trance
Release date: 14.04.2017

A Solomun’s remix on Ride by Dubfire & Miss Kitti is The Perfect Track To Listen

If you were missing on Solomun goodies, here you have a new remix by him that’s going to be officially out in a couple of days – 10 March. The track, Ride from Dubfire and Miss Kittin is almost 9 minutes long and with Solomun’s touch, we get invited into a hypnotizing journey with chanting voices and rhythmical sounds.

Random comments from fans: “Finally new track!!!”, “What a ride!”. To that I can only say the same, maybe more elaborate, but the message is pretty similar – glad to hear new stuff from Solomun and yes, what a ride!

3 Tracks From 3 Artists To Listen On Repeat

First track and my favourite from this list, Home -perfect way to name such a track -, comes from Icarus. The two brothers behind the label made this beautiful, dreamy and almost hypnotising track as a collaboration with artist Aurora. It’s a great electronic sound, easy to listen and done with good taste, lasting a little over 6 minutes. Definitely a treat!

Next track in line comes from Lithuanian producer and artist Few Nolder. Called One, the track is a beautiful journey into the sound, well done, compact and mesmerising. It definitely makes you eager for the summer and a much needed electronic vibe in the air – something we all have been missing this past winter.

Last track called Another Day Heartless comes from London based artist Demarzo, who himself writes about his music on his Facebook page, as “the stuff that makes you dance”. I guess he likes to keep his promises because this Heartless track is indeed a danceable one, and in fact it is the only track from today’s list where you have the dancing thing going on. And because two minutes is not enough, here you have the longer version, a little over 6 minutes to enjoy.



The Tracks You Need For A Boost Of Happiness

Electronic music has so much to offer, it is impossible not to find something for everyone’s taste. Even for your most peaceful friends – you know, those individuals who never listen to hardcore stuff because it makes them emotional.  What, you’ve never met someone like that? Maybe it is time for some Swiss radio.

A good suggestion to begin our conquer of delivering non aggressive-non harmful sounds for those who like their happy self more than tempting nostalgia or sudden burst of energy is A.G. Cook’s track What I mean. It has the playful vibe going on, being the perfect sound for keeping different tastes satisfied. In fact the track had been played in one of Chanel’s fashion shows. Now that’s an accomplishment to be proud of!

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It Is That Time Of The Day

The latest track I’ve been obsessed about comes from Joseph Capriati, a name I knew nothing about or at least I haven’t payed proper attention to it till recently. My openness towards the techno side of electronic music wasn’t always there, and I could barely digest some names here and there back then. A Joseph Capriati track is not for anyone’s ear and definitely not the easiest sound to listen, but for the “grown ups” fans of electronic sounds, the harder the sound, the better it is, if you know what I mean.

Considering I am not part (yet) of that mature audience I mentioned before, Joseph Capriati turned out to be quite the character, delivering few tracks my humble soul could actually drift into.


The one I choose to share is a thrilling journey with barely any door to some normality. It brings you into a state where you simply have to accept whatever it’s given to you, exciting you with its beats and then forcing you into some sort of quietness, having no clue of what’s coming next. And yet, under all the changes of “scene”, there is consistency in the sound and every next part is crafted to be the perfect pair of the previous one. Excellent job, Joseph Capriati!


What I’ve been listening lately

The track I want to share today is a big reminder for me to actually start doing my best and attend electronic music festivals. This is the only proper way I should listen to sounds like Matador’s track “I Gotcha”, which is the same one I’ve been obsessed with over the past few days and will be sharing here.

Not my usual cup of coffee, as an electronic music lover, techno had been a genre I’ve had a hard time accepting it, and yet, here I am mentioning about it. Why have I changed my mind? The track itself. Very well put together, with deep serious sounds, it is an excellent composition, which kind of reminds me of “Freytag’s pyramid”. The whole track is a danceable story and I can definitely see myself having a blast enjoying it being played live, full on, the way it should be with tracks like this one.

The Shoes

I am kind of starting to really like french electronic music. I found this awesome remix of The Shoes guys. You know, that french band who has a song about America, which is btw a bad ass track – well that’s the band I am talking now. The track from which The Shoes made the remix belongs to the french band NaÏve New Beaters, and to be frank, the original sound is not my style (just a fact), but the work The Shoes guys made on it, well that is another story and I am loving it. It is great! It sounds fresh, electronic, danceable and sexy.

From an electronic music lover point of view, their portfolio of remixes is something you need to dig into. You will discover a very different approach to electronic music, opening tracks to a whole new audience and vice versa. It is the alternative side of electronic music, a field which hasn’t been properly explored, that’s why artists and bands like The Shoes are more than welcomed to show us the endless possibilities of what electronic music can offer.


It is that time of the day – The Cinematic Orchestra

Today’s pick is The Cinematic OrchestraWhy them? Because these guys are simply amazing. Their stuff is of excellent quality. Their music is creativity and love. It makes  you cry because it touches that invisible part of who you are. I am in love with all of their work but there are a few tracks I simply adore and I am going to share one of my favourites from The Cinematic Orchestra. But before doing that I am going to add one thing:

My first choice was First Light, but since there are a few issues (don’t ask!), I am going to share one of their probably most known tracks, which is simply beautiful. They do have so many other superb songs  and I am sure that just anyone who is looking for good quality music will find (or found already) something to love from their stuff, fitted to their own personality.

So let’s just have a moment of dreaming with this amazing song, To build a home.


This A-Trak remix is what I’ve been dreaming about

The sickest track landed on planet Earth and it’s a remix after Let you go belonging to the The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok. And who else could’ve made a better remix on it than A-Trak himself? Yes, the guy made the sickest, most insane sound, giving this track a whole new dimension. I mean, I couldn’t control my body, and it felt outrageously hypnotic. So to make a resume, all of the guys I mentioned above made a contribution in creating a track, and that’s what I’ve been listening on repeat for the past couples of days. Yes, it’s that good. Literally. On repeat again.

Stan Ritch

Do you know that loud track from System of A Down called B.Y.O.B? If no, click here. If yes, well, several artists, known or unknown, tried to make a remix on it and I had listened to a couple which to me seemed pretty bad. Even though the original version is not what I would normally listen, it is a great song. But a miracle happened and a french Dj did a miraculous version of this same track, and I am about to share it right here for you to listen and enjoy. I personally think it’s pretty dope, done with taste, it lasts a lil over 9 minutes which is perfect and it sounds like something you should spend in order for you to listen. And yet the SoundCloud version, the same one I will share here, it is free to download, which is great, but not doing justice to great tracks done by talented artists, like Stan Ritch for example, the french Dj whose work I am talking about. And I could write a lot more about this subject, but I will stop here because I need to put some makeup on and walk my dog. Meanwhile, let’s hear the remix.