Producer ESA’s Heavy Tune Collab “Blast” Impresses Show-Goers and Wins Fans

London-based South African producer ESA has a name that gets you lost when you’re doing a Google search, but once you get to find the electronic producer Esa Williams, well, hello! Lovely to meet you, sir!

While playing at the De Zon Festival 2017 in Amsterdam, the DJ dropped the tunes of one of his May releases, playing it live for the first time since its official release. The live demonstration had been captured and shared on social media, from where the track and the producer received new fans.

Released on May 22nd under Dekmantel label, the track, called “Blast”, is a real turn on, bringing out the beast in the sound. Built with heavy tunes, it lacks sentiment but compensates by giving to the listener a unique experience. The enchanting vocals are worked by Tanzanian vocalist Pendo Zawose, who’s been adding nicely to the collaboration between artist NarchBeats, who is the original creator of the track, and producer Esa, who’s style and craft finalized the original into a more than a bad-ass track.