The Good Looks Of Chanel’s Front Row at Paris Fashion Week SS 2018

Chanel front row is what I live for, all thanks to a well-selected group of faces, some of whom I’m a fan of. As a plus, there’s always a new name or several new faces that I’m seeing and that keeps things interesting. Singer Victor Solf and actress Angela Yuen are two newbies I had to search on Google. As for the ones I know, I’m glad G-Dragon is back for Chanel front row, he was missing for a second or two. Anna Mouglalis, Marie Ange Casta, Irene Kim and Park Shin-hye are well known for their faithfulness towards Chanel. New face but known, very known in fact, is Cindy Crawford, proudly and good looking too, posing amongst the rest for Chanel front row.

G Dragon

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Matilda Lutz – Italien model and actress

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Park Shin-hye – actress

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Anamaria Vartolomei – actress

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Marine Vacth – actress

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Chanel Opens Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition In Seoul With Cocktail Party & Famous Faces

Mademoiselle Privé exhibition is set to open its treasure box once again and this time is showing the goods at D-Museum, in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Before the official opening to the public, the event made its presence known by hosting a start studded cocktail party. The invitees: big names from Korean Entertainment gathered to show support for the project. Continue reading “Chanel Opens Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition In Seoul With Cocktail Party & Famous Faces”

G-Dragon Wraps-Up Album Status With New Music Video Release

Officially out today, June 8th, 2017, the five tracks self-titled album “Kwon Ji Yong” of artist G-Dragon represents the perfect appetizer for concert goers, prior GD’s second world tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E, starting June the 10th at World Cup Stadium in the city of Seoul.

In this album, we get to catch up with what has been happening in GD’s life, with track “Untitled 2014” being the most suggestive of all. For this sentimental piece, the artist released a much-anticipated music video, with it officially sealing the status for the newly released album, from the studio to the and for the fans and public.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a music video to “Superstar”. Speaking of music videos, I’m wondering to which one was GD filming for just days ago. A glimpse of the artist’s new hairstyle made the rounds of the internet, rumored to be from a music video filming. We can only wait and see.

This recent album release is not the first musical deed we get from the artist for 2017. Singer IU surprised everyone by having GD as a guest rapper on her Palette track and earlier this year for his “OO” album, artist Zion released the “Complex” track featuring G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s Cool Rap Surprises With Lyrics to IU’s “Palette” Track

It happened last Friday, 21st April 2017. For the fans, it felt like a dream come true. For me too. Well, not exactly that romantic, but I am FOR SURE thrilled to hear a track where two of my favorite South Korean artists worked together.

The track, called “Palette” shares the title with the name of the album “Palette“, which is a forth Korean-language studio album for the singer IU. All the tracks are super sweet, but I believe no one was expecting such a lovely surprise. Not that she is not nice, but a collab with G-Dragon is a one of a kind thing.

If you listen to the track, you’ll find yourself slowly relaxing to IU’s seductive voice. The singer-songwriter shares personal thoughts on turning 25 in a witty manner, an expected approach, if you think of her 2015 “birthday” track, labeled “23”.

And then we have G-Dragon, a voice that’s just as appealing to the ears as IU’s.

Great collab guys!

This is What They Wore at Chanel Couture SS 2017 Fashion Show

Chanel Couture fashion show for SS 2017 at Paris Fasion Week made the rounds of internet and as a result, here I am, covering in a Glaibera style, the glamorous event.

Let’s start off with some of the faces attending the show – celebrity names obviously. G-Dragon came wearing a sequin Chanel Cruise black beret, Chanel Earmuffs Embellished “CC” signature, white side-split sweater and black leather pants. Quite the artist, isn’t it?

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Model Liu Wen looked casual-elegant in Chanel beige tweed jacket, printed jeans, black top and Chanel slingbacks.

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Anna Mouglalis matched her beige coat with a lovely two piece Chanel ensemble jacket and mini skirt with lacy detail. I love her choice and it looks great on her figure!

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Anamaria Vartolomei wore all black – black leather coat with white buttons and sort of bow illusion elastic detail at the collar, black jeans and Chanel ankle midi heel shoes.

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