Cro Shows Off His Rapping Skills In New Collaboration With KitschKrieg

Cro is back with new work, this time gifting us with the collaboration he did with German band KitschKrieg, in which he raps next to the extraordinaire voices of AnnenMayKantereit and Trettmann. I could not have picked a better mix of artists to create this wunderschön track ‘5 Minuten’, as KitschKrieg named the work. There comes Cro, rapping lyrics in his signature style – sensual and sleepy. Next, there’s AnnenMayKantereit with a one of a kind ”sehr süß face. When he starts singing you get electrocuted. The guy with the sweetest face has the manliest voice you probably have heard in a very long time. This is the experience of a lifetime. You’ll never feel anything like it. And then there Trettmann, known for his reggae rapping style. He’s cool and talented. On another note, I literally don’t know who to thank for such a great collaboration. Whoever came up with the idea of bringing all these voices together deserves an award. ‘5 Minuten’ ladies and gentleman!

The Music Blog – Releases Coming From Baschi and Tokio Hotel

Two releases from two bands coming from Europe are making the rounds of my Facebook feed. First comes from Swiss artist Baschi who has for a while now, released the latest work under ‘1986’ title. I love Baschi’s chill, emotional and homey vibe. The album consists of eleven tracks with ‘Alti Linde’, ‘Wenn dWält’ and ‘dFlügel uf’ being my picked ones. Baschi is currently touring In Switzerland.

The second band is none other than Tokio Hotel, who’s back with a very beautiful track – ‘Melancholic Paradise’. The song is going to be the official anthem for Germany‘s Next Topmodel 2019, or GNTM, hosted by Heidi Klum. I’m hearing Bill Kaulitz is going to be in the jury. Now that’s a treat! And I admit, I haven’t watched the show for a while. Maybe it’s time for a change.


Selected: This Week’s Events – NYFW, Sanremo Music Festival and German Drama Premiere

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This week has just begun and there’s already so much in the works. Fashion Week is on top of the list and is by far the most looked-after event of February, and goes further into the beginning of March when it’s all over (for a while). The shows began in New York, which is the place to be this week, literally, with both Men and Women following one after another. Fall/Winter 2019 is the phrase to talk about, and it will be for a while.
Yesterday’s Shows: Todd Snyder, Joseph Abboud, and Palomo Spain, the latter being the epitome of colorfulness and vibrancy in Men’s fashion, so far.

Front Row faces: Zachary Quinto, Johannes Huebl, Drake Bell, Cody Simpson, Neil Patrick Harris and more.

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Next on our list is 69th edition of Sanremo Music Festival, officially starting today and ending on the 9th of February. Yesterday the Festival had a celebrity-infused red carpet event, with artists such as singer Arisa, Paola Turci, Enrico Nigiotti, rapper Ghemon, Einar and so many more. The contest is taking place at Teatro Ariston of Sanremo and is being broadcast by RAI.

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Last, Deutsche drama ‘Club Der Roten Baender – Wie Alles Begann’ had its premiere in Cologne at the beginning of this week. The movie is set for its official release on Valentine’s day, definitely not in tune with hearts with chocolate, but the cast is young and talented and besides, who’s not into German dramas! As a plot, ‘The club of red ribbons – How it all began’ (translated) tells the story of six youngsters, each living their own story, till events bring everyone under the same roof of Albertus Hospital. Expect a lot of current societal issues such as family drama, body-image issues and so on. The end promises to be a good one.

Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz, Damian Hardung, Luise Befort, Timur Bartels, Ivo Kortlang, Nick Julius Schuck.

Ben Böhmer Releases new “Dive” EP

Ben Böhmer is back at it with brand new masterpieces from the electronic music world, all packed nicely into an already adored and simple titled EP – “Dive”. The producer has had his first ‘Essential New Tune’ on BBC Radio 1 from ‘Morning Falls’ era, which I guess made everyone wait with much anticipation a next successful craft, which is what happened. Released 6th July 2018, the new EP has the perfect playlist to listen to keep you company whenever and wherever. “Vale” and “Dive” are two tracks the German musician has been showing off, and I do not blame him. “Vale” or “see you again” is one beautiful track, where joy and a hint of sadness come together and blend into a smooth journey. Featuring vocals of Margret, ‘Dive’ is a dreamy like experience after which the abstract ‘Sonnenallee’ follows. Even before the official release of this new EP, fans already had a taste thanks to Anjunadeep mixes – a perfect tease before the actual “out now”.

Best of Goldene Kamera 2018 Awards

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A new edition of the annual Goldene Kamera (Golden Camera) happened yesterday, in Hamburg, and here are the deeds:

Singer Conchita opened for none other than American group Pointer Sisters, who elevated the spirits of those present in the Messenhallen with their famous ‘I’m so excited’. As for the winners of the night, international awards were handed to Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and the one and only Liam Neeson. The actor was to receive a lifetime achievement award, this category being completed by German actress Christiane Körbiger. Best show award went to “Sing Meinen Song”, played by Lena, Moses Pelham, The BossHoss, Gentleman and Mark Forster.

Other awards:

Best German actor – Volker Bruch

Best TV German movie – Jürgen Heute Wird Gelebt

December 14 -15 Celebrity Fashion

Diane Kruger took her velvet blazer dress to ACRIA’s 22nd annual holiday dinner. The actress went for an all-black outfit, topped with a single white stripe at the sleeves and on her long fabric belt. She then added more light, by carrying with her a black clutch completely studded with pearls. Love it!

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Singer Lena, who not long ago made my day by attending Chanel’s Metiers D’Art fashion show, as a front row face, was seen rocking just the other day a Kim Kardashian kind of look, with black top, track pants and boots, while performing live on stage at Huxleys, in Berlin. I like this approach on her.

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I’m glad seeing Kylie Minogue in a different place other than on stage (not that I’m complaining). It happened in Melbourne at the premiere of her latest project, comedy movie ‘Swinging Safari’. Her look for the event is relaxed, trendy and fresh, with a good conversation between shoes and dress.

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Singer and actress Maite Peroni made a delightful appearance on the red carpet while attending the premiere of musical drama ‘The Greatest Showman’, in Mexico City. Wouldn’t call myself exactly the biggest fan of her dress, but I will pretend I’m ok with it just because I like her. Rebelde anyone?

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Francia Raisa’s flared and extraordinaire pants have made my day, cause they are just cool. Love how the waist is built, love the stripes, the colors, the shape and even the length. She wore them with a cropped top, just simple one, and some pretty red strappy heels, the classic style. And that’s how it’s done.

Where: the Premiere Of ABC’s ‘Grown-ish’

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Although I’m not into these type of showy dresses, I’m gonna go and make a second exception for today, since Brittany Snow’s dress has those playful flowers placed nicely as a cover-up of some sort. It is such an innocent element, but it does so much to this dress, so much so that I will say yes to the dress. And besides, Britanny Snow is quite the charmer. In the end, it all works together well.

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‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ Has all The Power to Make you Laugh, Cry and Hope

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Comedy drama ‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ had its premiere in Munich just the other day, gathering all of the cast and producer into a nice group of people. The star of the show was the leading role, actor Elyas M’Barek, who showed up in a beige suit, looking light and smiley.

In the movie, he plays a party type of guy, named Lenny, who’s used living a life free of any worry, and who thinks of himself a life artist. Everything changes in a blink of an eye when his dad, a heart specialist, sets him on a mission of taking care against his mood, of David, a 15-year-old boy, a sufferer of heart disease. Lenny’s and David’s worlds clash, asking for both of them to change, seek deeper into themselves and find the truth.

The movie is on cinema starting 21 December.

Highlights from Energy Star Night 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 13.23.23

Switzerland’s biggest indoor music event, Energy Star Night, opened its gate once again, at Hallenstadion, in Zurich, on Friday, November 17 to party it up, entertaining a good number of about 13.000 music lovers with international artists and country’s most beloved music groups and singers.

The night did not miss out on emotional moments, especially when the organizers brought from the street on stage to perform a talented street musician, named Jakula Ondra, from Poland. Newcomer of the year moment is also an emotional one, in particular for the winner, Swiss artist Nemo.

Good music made it from the stage to the crowd, coming from American singer artist Anastacia, UK artist Anne-Marrie who performed the well-known track Rockabye and the very talented Mark Forster, who’s come all the way from Germany to perform his energizing track ‘Chöre’. Switzerland’s darling Luca Hänni performed ‘Purple Rain’ in a duet with Jontsch. Swiss group Baba Shrimps, Finnish band Sunrise Avenue, French Dj duo Ofenbach, Alex Aiomo, Berlin-based Dj Alle Farben and Swiss duo Remedy & Manu-L performed as well.

The crowd received the very best ending, in a Swiss kind of way, with none other than Swiss rap duo Lo & Leduc performing on stage.

Photo Credit to @Ramona Betschart on Instagram

Cro Releases New MV & Track From Album “Tru”

Third studio album from German artist Cro keeps on proving to be with each release quite the catch if we only take a look at the tracks released to the public so far. If you have time, take a look at that and then try out his latest MV. Yes, that’s right, Cro has released a new track from album ‘Tru’ and it is called ‘todas’. The song is a collab between the German rapper and artist Wyclef Jean. Cool urban outfits and almost naked girls are part of the visuals of this new MV, giving you options. Either way, it wins you over. Me? I’m all for Cro and the fashion. And you?

Artist Cro Teases Fans With Intriguing Track From Upcoming Album

German artist Cro, singer of raop, as himself is saying, has released at the beginning of June a Cro music track from the upcoming album, with an official date release for 08.09.2017. Pretty clear, right? Not to me. The album title does not disappoint, being millennial appropriate, cool and rebellious but touched by mannerism. And if I indeed have made you curious, it only means that it’s time to beat the drums and announce the “Fake You” title. You have to love this artist for his style.

For the teaser track called “Baum”, translated tree, Cro has spoiled its fans with lots of dope video effects, compiled into a slightly suggestive music video. The lyrics and the story have raised speculations amongst the fans of the artist. Known to be highly private of his personal life and possessive of his panda mask public persona, Cro seems to have had a change of mind, or at least that’s what the music video would suggest. Or not. The point is, Cro seems to enjoy giving its artistry an intriguing storyline but at the same time, keeping the good vibes.

The artist contributed with soundtrack In Love (feat. Teesy) to the 2016 movie Unsere Zeit Ist Jetzt, in which he played as himself. This new album and recent track “Baum” are the perfect gifts the artist has for 2017 to give to its fans.

UPDATE: Cro seems to have had a change of mind regarding the title of his latest album and changed it from ‘Fake You’ to a more polite sounding “Tru”. No matter the name he chooses, the music he has created is undoubtedly great. So “Tru” it is.