Ilan Bluestone Drops a Second Giuseppe De Luca Collab

With a total of 5 tracks already released this year, Anjunabeats star Ilan Bluestone is ready with a new collaboration, with it scoring a second track featuring artist Giuseppe De Luca. If you remember, back in 2016 “Bigger Than Love” was released, a tune with the qualities of a proper trance anthem.

This new track titled Frozen Ground is slightly softer but nevertheless, a gift to fans who have been waiting for this release to happen. Ilan has been touring in Canada, where he took advantage and showed off his soon to be released collaboration.

Speaking of that, Giuseppe De Luca’s voice seems to fit like a glove to Ilan’s tunes. I call it match made in trance heaven.

Genre: Trance
Release date: 14.04.2017

That time of the day

Haven’t introduced any artists for some time, but today I bring you one whose nationality I don’t know yet, maybe because I am too lazy to make my research (it is a cloudy February – don’t ask too much from me). But I do know he is London-based and I found him through Above and Beyond Group Therapy set (a very good set to listen – love Above and Beyond guys work) and his name is iLan Bluestone. It could be a stage name, but I am surely falling for it. So this guy brings us excellent work, great quality and awesome creativity. We have rhythm, we have explosion because he slowly builds the peak of the track, making his sounds pretty balanced as far as power goes, and we have style. He owns his style, although I did noticed slightly influences at least in one of his tracks. Still, his style is there.

With all that being said, I will share one of the tracks I am obsessed with over the past days and make sure you have the volume up ;-). Enjoy!