Soon To be Released German Comedy ‘Nightlife’ Brings In The Good Vibes

In the latest comedy German movie Nightlife directed by Simon Verhoeven, actor Elyas M’Barek plays Milo, a bartender in Berlin, who’s life happens during the night, with lots of partying and women. His life is completely the opposite of what he sees during the day. All that is about to change when one night he meets a very charming woman, whom he sees as his perfect dream wife. The woman named Sunny and played by actress Palina Rojinsky, is just about to head over to the USA where she is supposed to start her dream job in the music industry, which she loves. Milo has just one week the prevent his dream woman from going away, so he does what any man would do, plan a first date as soon as possible. They are supposed to date the same day, but before Milo has to get through an unplanned adventure, all thanks to his friend Renzo, played by Frederick Lau. The two men are planning to open a shop, only that Renzo has gotten himself in trouble in the process of getting the money he needs. There are romance, adrenaline, good mood and good vibes.

Official release: 13 February

‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ Has all The Power to Make you Laugh, Cry and Hope

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Comedy drama ‘Diese Bescheuerte Herz’ had its premiere in Munich just the other day, gathering all of the cast and producer into a nice group of people. The star of the show was the leading role, actor Elyas M’Barek, who showed up in a beige suit, looking light and smiley.

In the movie, he plays a party type of guy, named Lenny, who’s used living a life free of any worry, and who thinks of himself a life artist. Everything changes in a blink of an eye when his dad, a heart specialist, sets him on a mission of taking care against his mood, of David, a 15-year-old boy, a sufferer of heart disease. Lenny’s and David’s worlds clash, asking for both of them to change, seek deeper into themselves and find the truth.

The movie is on cinema starting 21 December.