Andrea Bocelli Performs Easter Concert at Milan’s Duomo

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli walked inside Milan’s empty Duomo Cathedral on 12 April for a very special no public performance entitled “Music for Hope”. This comes as a loving message for Italian people and the rest of the world. As we know, Italy has been under strict lockdown for more than three weeks now, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The famous opera singer said “I believe in the strength of praying together. I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth that everyone, whether they are believers or not, truly needs right now”. As we are approaching Easter, many of us are planning traditions inside our home and wondering how this will work out. Peace and hope are what we need.

This is 24 minutes audience-free concert and can be streamed online from Andrea Bocelli’s YouTube channel.

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Jackson Wang Had a Closing Show Performance at Fendi Mens

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Into a cozy arrangement with a library feel, Fendi show took its Mens collection down the runway, up close to the audience. One after another, male models showcased gorgeous looks of gentle beauty. Colors are soft with lots of brown and beige, black and grey. Pretty simple, yet every look is a unique space of perfectly mixed details, again, very gentle, but so well arranged. This gentleness in details and cuts reminds of a subtle feminity, but it’s not destroying the “masculine” look, instead, it only adds an extra touch of pleasantness. Suits are accompanied by long cardigans and long jackets with matching design, puffer greyish jackets, and tucked-in sweaters. The dominant fabric has a metallic look, again, gentle to the eye. My favorite look from the show: see-through combo, with metallic effect. Pants match the shirt. Don’t worry. There’s shorts involved.

Front row: Chiara Ferragni, Rob Raco, Mandy Sekiguchi. Rapper Jackson Wang closed the show with a live performance.

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From Milan Fashion Week Mens Fall/Winter

Fendi made fashion while waiting for the luggage at the airport, Dolce and Gabanna closed the show with an awesome performance by none other than singer Maluma and Armani was all about luxury and taste. Read on to find more about Milan Fashion Week Mens Fall/Winter 2019.

Giorgio Armani showcased one of the best collections from Milan Fashion Week Mens, along with Emporio Armani. The first collection is the heaven of sweaters, luxurious fabrics, and jackets. Colors are deep blue, purple, indigo, and grey with unexpected touches of emerald and ruby. Large pants with tight ankles are often seen in this collection. As for Emporio, there’s a switch to a more dapper look, with embroidered velvety jackets and fur details. Pants tend to keep the look from Giorgio Armani collection, but there’s more variety in shapes and length. Like always, timeless fashion.

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UNIFORMS OF MASCULINITY, Neil Barrett’s Fall/Winter Mens collection is another successful show from Milan Fashion Week. Tasteful looks, with wearable pieces, very comfy looking but modern with a hint of elegance walked the runway, giving vibes of inspiration for next season’s street style.

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Snow made an excellent canvas for Ermenegildo Zegna’s Mens wearable Fall/Winter 2019 collection on the first day of Milan Fashion Week Mens. Pieces are just right, modern, fresh looking even, varying from elegant, business to street style to young and cool. Colorwise, there’s plenty of variety of pleasant shades, representative of winter and autumn.

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Prada had a surprisingly simplistic collection, with worker type of clothes that even had the name tags. Pre Fall 2018 and Fall/Winter 18-19 were both mashed into one show, but this does not interfere with the result. Shorts are often seen in men’s looks, matched with stiff shirts and bucket hats. Prints are colorful, full at the edge of shorts, coats, and shirts, slowly disappearing as we go up. Black is dominating.

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Gucci Pays Tribute to Sir Elton John & 70’s in Dark-Themed SS 2018 Fashion Show

A gender mix show focused on individual pieces rather on a set of looks, was set off to unravel Gucci’s SS 2018 collection, at Milan Fashion Week, on September 20. The mood was dark with a vampiric touch, seen in the makeup, hair and the runway setup. A rather bizarre music arranged by Rob Lewis and Emre Ramazanoglu, directed by Steve Mackey accompanied the models in a trans runway walk, surely meant to add to the general vibe.

The clothes were very much Gucci, with a lot of the velvet silhouettes being mixed in with sparkly fabrics. There was a 70’s feel in the clothes, with sparkly dark nude bodysuits worn underneath, long dresses with large shoulders and men’s perfectly tailored suits. Crystal-studded jewelry, sunglasses, stunning headpieces and crystal headbands worn under the chin added to the extravaganza. Sir Elton John-inspired pieces, a Sega graphic font inspired bag, and few English high society details added into the collection are highlights of the show. “The collection is a mystery through which I can show the personal experience, aesthetic and emotions of what I live” said by designer Alessandro Michele wraps up beautifully the essence of the SS 2018 collection.

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Donatella Versace Pays Legendary Tribute To Gianni Versace With a One-Of-A-Kind Collection

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Donatella Versace paid a one of a kind tribute to Gianni Versace, the man and its work, in her SS 2018 collection, presented at Milan Fashion Week, on September 22, in Milan. The phenomenal throwback featured jaw-dropping prints from Giani Versace’s famous 90’s collections. Now legendary Versace printed tights took the lead on the white runway, accompanied by iconic Versace pieces and moments.

There was plenty of throwbacks to look at, as the runway became a time capsule seasoned with groups of three and four models mixed with two or one silhouettes strutting the glamour of 1990-1995 Versace collections. Most iconic collections to this date, such as SS 1995 butterfly-inspired print collection, the SS 1992 Animalier and Tresor de la Mere, the SS 1991 collection with the legendary Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol, the richness of yellow and black of the FW 1991 Baroque-inspired collection, have been brought back to life. It was the sight of Gianni Versace works, collectively re-building the past. And there was more.

Donatella Versace did not pass the human factor in her effort to piece together a glamorous past. She invited Gianni’s favorite group of supermodels from the 90’s, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni to close with style the show. The five models appeared from behind a curtain, posing still and facing the excited audience, which started clapping, even when disturbed by their phones, agendas, and cameras. The show ended with Donatella and the group of five walking out of the runway as the final piece of the show, George Michael’s Freedom, was playing in the background.

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Highlights of Paris Men’s Fashion Week Schedule

Men’s Fashion Week spring summer 2018 is continuing unraveling men’s collection, leaving behind the city of Milan and lodging in Paris between Wednesday, June 21 and Sunday, June 25. Untill 2 pm Balenciaga, Facetasm, and Icosae have already showcased their collections, with Valentino happening right now after my calculations. Industrialism lover Julius is going to close the day.

Tomorrow is another big day, with Issey Miyake Men starting at 10:30 am, Rick Owens in the afternoon, Louis Vuitton shortly after and other few more brands spread throughout the day. Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten are there too on display towards the end. Big shows indeed.

Friday is the day when Cerutti and Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus are going to have their collections sent down the runway. Balmain, Dior Homme, and Hermès follow on Saturday and finally Lanvin, Kenzo, and Alexander Mcqueen are having their say on Sunday, with few other more brands. Check the full schedule here.

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Donatella Versace Creates Perfect Balance in Old-New Men’s Theme Collection

Donatella Versace added a glimpse of the brand’s past to her Men’s collection for Milan Fashion Week on June 17 by partnering up her own empowering silhouettes with silky ensembles styled with Greek motifs. Her new approach influenced both men’s show and women’s little capsule collection which she sent down the glass runway, improvised outside in the superb courtyard of Via Gesù 12. No wonder Donatella brought up the past since this collection falls right in time for the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death.


Bussiness looking stripes, velvet caps, scarfs, combined silk shirts, metal chains, pinstripes, white embroidered old logo T-shirts and optical prints made peace, balance and perfect sense to an elegant yet dynamic collection. As a plus, model Candice Swanepoel walked the runway in Donatella’s final look from women’s capsule collection.

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Armani Upgrades Men’s Collection To Millennials Standards for SS 2018 Season

For Milan Men’s Fashion Week Armani had assembled a much younger version of its craft to be presented on the runway for spring/summer 2018 on June 17. The key word of its entire collection is millennial, and the designer made sure that the message is loud and clear, yet making smart choices that align to what Armani brand represents.

Choosing to collaborate with ‘Treat You better’ singer Shawn Mendes for modeling the new Armani watch has not only strengthened the bond between brand and fans but brought a wave of new followers on the table. And let’s face it, Mendes does seem to be a great brand ambassador, even though he’s young. The singer appeared at the end of the show and walked the runway after a brief video preview of Armani’s new smart watch featuring Mendes.

On collection, the designer did very well in aligning the Armani image to the millennial standards by creating pants with a neutral appearance. The highlights of the collection are the dress pants and all Japanese influenced pieces, such as kimono jackets and pants with a skirt on the back.

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