The Daily Front Row’s Awards Had Candice Swanepoel and a Whole Bunch of Other Bombshells

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It was a bombshell affair at The Daily Front Row’s 5th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on March 17. As for the dresses, red seemed to be the choice for the day or so it appeared. The red squad: Kate Hudson, Courtney Love, Alicia Silverstone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jasmine Sanders, Ava Dash, Natalie Halcro and I’ll stop to here. Everyone looked amazing. If I would have to pick a favorite, I would go for voluptuous Natalie Halcro red silhouette. On another note, my ultimate girl crush Candice Swanepoel made a rare appearance (she does that since the birth of her baby boy) rocking a silver long dress with a perfect front slit, deep cleavage and cut-out back.

Chanel Couture Collection Invites to Playfulness and Good Looking Pink

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Arranged to look like you’re having an out of the body experience right in the backyard of a glamorous Italian villa, Chanel took its pinks, the little flowers, the bride, and gorgeous mules down the runway for showcasing its Couture collection for Spring 2019. Each silhouette walked around a decent size pond or pool, depending on the type of imagination you have, and posed right at the middle, with a perfect arranged background to emphasize the amazingness of all the craftsmanship that went into this fine collection. The mules I was talking about are designed to have a strap behind, so ultimately, we are left with a very refined shoe. Very lady-like too. As for the pink and violet, I can’t even breath. The shades that were chosen are heavenly soft and pure looking. All the other details are added only to reinforce the general ‘gentle and playful’ vibe. All the other colors known to be Chanel-approved are having individual moments of triumph, ultimately balancing everything out. It all looks eye-catching and grand, that’s for sure.

Front row: Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Diane Rouxel, Marion Cotillard, Go-Eun Kim and more.

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Jackson Wang Had a Closing Show Performance at Fendi Mens

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Into a cozy arrangement with a library feel, Fendi show took its Mens collection down the runway, up close to the audience. One after another, male models showcased gorgeous looks of gentle beauty. Colors are soft with lots of brown and beige, black and grey. Pretty simple, yet every look is a unique space of perfectly mixed details, again, very gentle, but so well arranged. This gentleness in details and cuts reminds of a subtle feminity, but it’s not destroying the “masculine” look, instead, it only adds an extra touch of pleasantness. Suits are accompanied by long cardigans and long jackets with matching design, puffer greyish jackets, and tucked-in sweaters. The dominant fabric has a metallic look, again, gentle to the eye. My favorite look from the show: see-through combo, with metallic effect. Pants match the shirt. Don’t worry. There’s shorts involved.

Front row: Chiara Ferragni, Rob Raco, Mandy Sekiguchi. Rapper Jackson Wang closed the show with a live performance.

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Private Policy Presented by GQ China at LFWM

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Men’s Fashion Week is on the go, London being the first stop. Already at its second day of shows, and so much has happened. By looking at a couple of collections, I can see how things have calmed down, sort of, after a very experimental period. At least that’s how I felt about what happened in the past two to three years, strictly men’s fashion speaking. My favorite so far from LVWM Autumn/Winter 19-20 is Private Policy Presented by GQ China’s collection. I vibed with it. There’s a sort of freshness to it, like a forever young spirit. I have seen clothes that could satisfy various needs, ages (if you care) and styles. All of this under the same brand. And on top of that, there’s like a brotherhood transition from a fancy suit to an edgy-looking situation. It’s all connected, even though it may, in theory, look apart. One of my favorite looks is down below.

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Front row: AJ Pritchard, Addis Miller, Eyal Booker.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Tartan & Plaid Inspired Fall/Winter 2017 Collection at LFW

Tommy Hilfiger joined the fun at London Fashion Week, but not the summer or spring where in his mind. The designer revealed its AW 2017 collection, which is a good sight to see among all the SS 2018 collections happening these days. Touched by the grunge feel and presented as urban looks, the collection involved the welcoming sight of tartan and plaid patterns served throughout the show in various shapes and sizes. Long coats, jackets, slip dress, schoolgirl-inspired dresses and skirts, winter long jackets, and pants, were paired with black stockings, beanie hats, and almost everyone on the show had fingerless black with red pattern gloves. Few blurry flower print pieces made it into this collection as well, presented by models dressed in stockings, with leather shorts or long pants, minus the beanies.

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First Impression: In The Working NYFW SS 2018 Leaves Clues of Minimalistic Next Summer

NYFW is still in the workings, yet a first part is close to its end, and continues shortly after, on Monday, which is tomorrow. Speaking of this week, the shows that happened are the first glimpse of what’s going to happen for SS 2018, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we already have it all unraveled. Next week is just as important, and I’m wondering if the styles we had seen this week are going to be present in the upcoming shows.

This week I have seen designers greatly inclined to an even more minimalistic approach in their SS 2018 collections. Silhouettes are designed to look unpretentious, practical, useful and for service. It supposed to be making you feel dressed well at work, on the street and somewhere at a party. The good looks are in the hands of lace, embroidery, ruffles, and cut-outs. And yet, there’s moderation in everything that’s added to make clothes look more than just a piece of garment. The result looks good and satisfying. We almost want it to happen, we want it to be this way.
In many instances, the known shape has been broken and reassembled, a trend that we all know very well from SS 2017 collections. Androgyny is carefully explored.


Glaibera’s Favorite Best Designs From Designer’s Nest’ Award Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer/ 2018 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, and if you’re wondering about dates, let me tell you that we’re talking about 8-12 August. Day 1 began in force, hosting ‘Designer’s Nest’ award show, with Nordic graduates from all over Scandinavia.

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Swedish designer Sofie Antonsson send down the runway an all white urban ensemble with shiny overalls, see through top styled in stripes, gloves and clogs.

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The first winner of this edition, Einaz Gargari from Norway, impressed with her head to toe dresses, some faces being completely impersonated into the dress. I loved her splashed mini white dress.

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Icelander Bergur Gudnason’ risque choice of fabrics turned out into looking assembled to perfection, with no aesthetic discomfort, except for the shoes, I would have chosen different ones. Other than that, there’s nothing more to add, but compliments.

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Norway is again on this list, with an elegant silhouette created by Maria Kiaer. Not a dress, but side-split wide leg pants styled off with a twist and black pattern white blouse.

Dries Van Noten Displays Unpretentious Men’s SS 2018 Collection

Dries Van Noten delivered unpretentious intellectualism when it showcased its Men’s SS 2018 collection at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, on June 22. The location and set up mattered a great deal to the overall impression, replacing the glam runway with a not fancy at all basement library. It almost looked as if Dries Van Noten is testing his own craft, and if that’s the case, which I doubt, he probably opened the champagne bottle by now, because nothing could have outshined the superb quality of the looks he assembled and sent down the runway.

Although a summer collection, the designer hasn’t shy away from experimenting with shades of browns which then he assembled into one outfit. Besides the brown, comfortable pastel shades had a huge say on the collection, changing the mood of the clothes into looking more approachable.

Prints are important too, adding detail but still created not to disturb the dance of layers and colors. Subtle changes were here and there in the cut or perhaps in the styling, but nonetheless, the designers kept the elements we all feel comfortable about, to which he added these beautiful colors and then assembled everything into a modern approach, like for example, exposing male models legs trough the use of shorts. Styling outfits in layers helped transform office pieces into looking streetstyle approved.

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