Paul Kalkbrenner Announces New EP From his Berlin Music Studio

Paul Kalkbrenner at SMS 2018

Paul Kalkbrenner‘s new EP is ALMOST here! The German Dj answered a few questions and shared the good news in a Facebook video, right from his Berlin music studio (great studio ambiance btw). It’s a rare sight into Paul Kalkbrenner’s life and work, which makes it all even better for fans. A couple of old but much loved tracks mixed with snippets of ‘Speak Up’ (the new release) made this “comeback” session an enjoyable and very informative experience.

About ‘Speak Up‘:
• The EP will be released at the beginning of June, this year.
• Is a four tracks selection.
• It includes ‘Laser In’, a track with a techno feel. This change of sound comes as a suprise, if we think to all of those “clasic” Paul Kalkbrenner tracks we love so much. Even so, new release means extremly good news for fans.

Watch the whole Paul Kalkbrenner Studiosession#1 from Berlin music studio here.



Andrea Bocelli Performs Easter Concert at Milan’s Duomo

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli walked inside Milan’s empty Duomo Cathedral on 12 April for a very special no public performance entitled “Music for Hope”. This comes as a loving message for Italian people and the rest of the world. As we know, Italy has been under strict lockdown for more than three weeks now, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The famous opera singer said “I believe in the strength of praying together. I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth that everyone, whether they are believers or not, truly needs right now”. As we are approaching Easter, many of us are planning traditions inside our home and wondering how this will work out. Peace and hope are what we need.

This is 24 minutes audience-free concert and can be streamed online from Andrea Bocelli’s YouTube channel.

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Megan Washington Releases Her New Collab with Japanese Wallpaper

Australian artist Megan Washington, aka Washington, is back with new work, this time spoiling us with a sweet collaboration she did with dream pop band Japanese Wallpaper. Back in November 2018, she released the single ‘Claws’, with lyrics and sound touching the right places of fans who have been waiting for new tracks since 2016. Now in 2019, she reworked just a tiny bit the same ‘Claws’, adding a more electro feel thanks to Japanese Wallpaper. I have to say I love both versions and I’m feeling super pumped for Washington’s comeback.

iHeartRadio Awards: Looks & Winners

iHeartRadio Awards, Los Angeles, California. It’s 14th March 2019 and the dress code is the casual red carpet look. Some artists completely ditched the glam, while the majority showed up looking ready for the party. As for who was there, read on to find out if your favorite celebrity set foot on iHeartRadio Awards’ red carpet.

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Australian singer and songwriter Jessica Anne Newham aka Betty Who posed sweetly next to American actress Katie Stevens. The two share a considerable amount in height difference, but this did not stop them from posing next to each other and then having a laugh. Pretty in pink, that’s the definition of Katie Stevens, who had the most adorable pink dress to match with her pink eyeshadow. Betty Who went for a black see-through bodysuit.

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Tiffany Young looked like a real pop star in her see trough high-knee boots and lacy cape. She sported blonde hair pinned back, a perfect cat eye and her Best Solo Breakout (Socially Voted Category) award. Good job Tiffany!

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Billie Eilish said no to glam and instead stuck to her own signature style. Despite all the black, big accessories and general moody vibe, color and optimism shine through with the help of none other than Sailor Moon.

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Now that’s a fun look Doralys Britto! I wanna wear it too! Feminine, modern and very summery.

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German rapper Cro did a really cool thing and showed up at the event, to my absolute delight. The look is relaxed with a white tee, black trousers, and white casual shoes matching just right to rapper’s famous panda mask.

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Bebe Rexha came dressed to win, and so she did. Her track “Meant To Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line received the Country Song of the Year award. It is a good song indeed. Bravo!

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Kacey Musgraves short dress is the way to go when you have such perfect toned legs. Every appearance she makes is a successful one with every detail thought to perfection.

Backstreet Boys, Alicia Keys who left home with the iHeartRadio Innovator Award, Halsey, Taylor Swift – who’s the Tour of the Year winner, Katy Perry, and so many more artists attended the event. As for the winners, congrats to everybody!

Vlad Caia and Chloé Bring the New Releases For The Music Blog Section

Romanian DJ Vlad Caia has five tracks in his sleeves released at about the beginning of the year. The EP named ‘Division 2’ (where on Earth are my roman numerals?) invites to a steady stream of sensations and gestures.There’s no journey to there but to here where things happen, yet if you’re not careful, you might miss the plot. It’s a subtle, yet rich world that you must experience.

Second music release comes from French DJ Chloé, who’s only yesterday announced her new EP ‘Sudden Impact’. It’s only three tracks, but enough to keep you satisfied and well fed. Rich in French electro vibes, ‘What Will Be’, ‘Resolve And Dive’ and ‘Last Go Round’ take you on a ‘let’s dance and live the life’ journey, which I’m certain you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Three New Music Releases Coming From European Producers

Voin Orowu’s music is fairly new to me, yet I was on board as soon as I got my ears on one of his tracks. And here we are, not long after, talking about a new LP with ten works coming from the producer, released on Kvitnu label. ‘Etudes From a Starship’ sounds deep and alien, yet Voin Orowu is all about space sounds. He works with a synthesizer for all the sounds he’s making. ‘Decay Instability’ is the latest release from the LP, so here you have it. You welcome!


And the groove you’ve been waiting for – just in tune for entering Spring, comes from Danish band M.I.L.K. The voice behind ‘Jet Ski’ belongs to vocalist Emil Wilk, who’s singing by himself a very chill, no worries song. The track has it’s very own music video, giving a glimpse of the singer, who looks bohemian and artsy. He stares into your soul while you’re kind of moving to the rhythm. I must say, I’ve already had it on repeat for the most part of today, which is not a surprise, but very good news indeed.

And last but not least release comes from the one and only Parov Stelar. The Austrian extraordinaire musician is releasing music when you’re least expecting. Or it’s just me being overly busy and not keeping with the rest of the world. Thing is, the track is here. From what I’ve read on its social media, this is the very first work from an upcoming brand new album – set for release somewhere at the end of the year. Man, the wait is long but has to be worth it. Till then, we have ‘Gringo’ to keep us company. The music video is said to be the hand-made work of Parov Stelar himself, who’s been creating with more than 1600 pictures a very lively scene. I am suspecting this will not be the last time we get to see the craft, as the whole album is still in ‘hiding’.


Jason Derulo’s Amazing Collab With LAY and Boy Band ‘NCT 127’

Jason Derulo pulled out a collab to be remembered between him, LAY and NCT 127. ‘Let’s Shut Up & Dance’ sounds like a good invitation, and obviously, we are not going to refuse it. As for LAY, the singer is doing pretty well in his solo career, considering he is also busy with his EXO projects. Congrats to boy band NCT 127 too. They look amazing in the video, which btw, have you seen it? Those video effects, damn! LAY’s sensual voice has been catching attention, and when I say ‘sensual’ I am just saying it the way it sounds to me. And it’s all good and fun. I am really enjoying this track and I love the music video.

Premio Lo Nuestro 2019 – Winners & More

Premio Lo Nuestro 2019 happened on 21st February, awarding best in Latin music, yet the show took place in Miami, USA. Amongst those who left home holding a well-deserved trophy, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna is the artist who had the most wins. Natti Natasha, who had the most nominations, the one and only J. Balvin and Mexican band Reik are just a few from those who joined the winners club.

I loved seeing Romanian Artist Inna attending the event. She wore a gorgeous progressive black two-piece combo and had a short bob. The show was presented by darling Maite Peroni (who’s about to release a new single), TV presenter Alejandra Espinoza and singer Victor Manuelle. And yes, Maluma was there too, looking great as ever. Goddess Thalia performed on stage next to Lali and Natti Natasha. I almost got goosebumps watching the performance of these three ladies, with Thalia rocking the stage like there is no age in this life.

Romanian artist Inna rocking in black.

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Lovely Thalia looking like a fairy on the red carpet.

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J. Balvin in green.

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Maluma, looking hot and geeky.

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Selected: This Week’s Events – NYFW, Sanremo Music Festival and German Drama Premiere

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This week has just begun and there’s already so much in the works. Fashion Week is on top of the list and is by far the most looked-after event of February, and goes further into the beginning of March when it’s all over (for a while). The shows began in New York, which is the place to be this week, literally, with both Men and Women following one after another. Fall/Winter 2019 is the phrase to talk about, and it will be for a while.
Yesterday’s Shows: Todd Snyder, Joseph Abboud, and Palomo Spain, the latter being the epitome of colorfulness and vibrancy in Men’s fashion, so far.

Front Row faces: Zachary Quinto, Johannes Huebl, Drake Bell, Cody Simpson, Neil Patrick Harris and more.

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Next on our list is 69th edition of Sanremo Music Festival, officially starting today and ending on the 9th of February. Yesterday the Festival had a celebrity-infused red carpet event, with artists such as singer Arisa, Paola Turci, Enrico Nigiotti, rapper Ghemon, Einar and so many more. The contest is taking place at Teatro Ariston of Sanremo and is being broadcast by RAI.

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Last, Deutsche drama ‘Club Der Roten Baender – Wie Alles Begann’ had its premiere in Cologne at the beginning of this week. The movie is set for its official release on Valentine’s day, definitely not in tune with hearts with chocolate, but the cast is young and talented and besides, who’s not into German dramas! As a plot, ‘The club of red ribbons – How it all began’ (translated) tells the story of six youngsters, each living their own story, till events bring everyone under the same roof of Albertus Hospital. Expect a lot of current societal issues such as family drama, body-image issues and so on. The end promises to be a good one.

Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz, Damian Hardung, Luise Befort, Timur Bartels, Ivo Kortlang, Nick Julius Schuck.

dOP is Back With A New Track and It’s all so Lovely

French trio dOP is back with a new track, a sensual story of love, featuring Ukrainian artist Alina Pash, the latter also performing in the MV for this lovely release. The title kind of aligns itself with the month of love, however, I’m sure that’s not the reason dOP came with ‘Stone Love’. The sounds are steady, and a bit mysterious, keeping you guessing about what’s to come next. Did I say it is full of sensuality? I did mention it. But that’s what the band does and that’s why we love them so much. Cause it’s so lovey-dovey and modern and groovy and French.

Released: 11 January

Catz ‘n Dogz Celebrates 100th Tracks Releases With Pets Recordings

Catz ‘n Dogz newest track “New Love” is on repeat on my laptop for maybe the fifth time, and things will be this way for a while. As the Polish duo announced on their social media, this track marks a meaningful 100 release on Pets Recordings, so of course, it’s a big deal. This is the way to celebrate. “New Love” touches every part of your being and invites you to lose yourself and dance it like when you were very young and carefree. But we all are exactly that, don’t we? This release comes with its own MV, so things look very promising.

Official release: 23 January

Lost Souls Of Saturn AKA Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa Make Live Debut in Zurich’s Main Train Station

A few days ago saw on my Facebook feed a 20-meter high sculpture by hand crochet tent, created by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Net and placed inside Zurich’s main train station – little I knew about its actual purpose. As it turns out, music and architectural design mashed into one beautiful project meant to serve for a debut scene and a wonderful meeting point. For this project Nordstern Basel and Fondation Beyeler collaborated with the newly formed music band, Lost Souls of Saturn to create a special moment. Lost Souls of Saturn is a duo consisting of none other than producer Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa. The two of them are no stranger at working together, as Troxler had several collabs with the sound scientist Moffa, who is known for his ‘out of this world’ ambient works. As for Troxler, it kind of shook me into my chair. The DJ is publicly seen as being a sensual type of artist, so this comes as a big surprise. And to close this little note, the event happened on July 12th with a little over an hour long live debut. You can watch and listen to the whole set here.

Ben Böhmer Releases new “Dive” EP

Ben Böhmer is back at it with brand new masterpieces from the electronic music world, all packed nicely into an already adored and simple titled EP – “Dive”. The producer has had his first ‘Essential New Tune’ on BBC Radio 1 from ‘Morning Falls’ era, which I guess made everyone wait with much anticipation a next successful craft, which is what happened. Released 6th July 2018, the new EP has the perfect playlist to listen to keep you company whenever and wherever. “Vale” and “Dive” are two tracks the German musician has been showing off, and I do not blame him. “Vale” or “see you again” is one beautiful track, where joy and a hint of sadness come together and blend into a smooth journey. Featuring vocals of Margret, ‘Dive’ is a dreamy like experience after which the abstract ‘Sonnenallee’ follows. Even before the official release of this new EP, fans already had a taste thanks to Anjunadeep mixes – a perfect tease before the actual “out now”.

Boy Band BTS Wins and Performs on Stage at the Billboard Music Awards 2018

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South Korean boy band BTS for the second time on the red carpet at Billboard Awards seems to me like an ethereal experience. The group released just in time for the awards their Fake Love track from Love Yourself album, released May the 18th. I have already pressed the replay button countless times on their music video, but let’s talk more about what happened at the Billboards. The boys took home the award for Top Social Artist for the second year in the row and even performed on stage (wow-yes!; and yeah, I’ve watched that too), achieving a well-deserving first K-pop act to ever perform at the BBMAs. That’s an awesome way to spend your time at such an event as Billboard Awards; the boys can only be proud of such success, which now they can share with the supportive fan base, aka Army.

Fashion-wise, I have to start with Jin. He looked impeccable on the red carpet, wearing a shirt, tie, vest and matching pants next to white sneakers. Very cool, effortless yet fashionable. This look suits him like a glove. As a group, the band gave out a chill vibe, with casual shirts, jeans, white sneakers, belts, and scarfs. Jimin, RM and J-hope changed the sneakers for loafers, adding diversity to the general look. Love them!


Swiss Band Pegasus is Back With a New Album and A New Music Video

Swiss pop-rock band Pegasus is back with a new single from their latest album, ‘Beautiful Life’. To celebrate the release, the guys have made a music video to go along with the poetic lyrics of their song, Metropolitans. “While somebody is dreaming, dreaming of someone like you…” and a whole bunch of tantalizing words and sentences make the song quite a motivating material for anybody who might need a lil push in a blurry day. As for the music video, I can’t get over the train ride (or is it a metro?) which seems to take place above the city drawn in lights in the darkness of the evening. Can’t wait to hear more from this new album, which so far got me hooked thanks to a good vibe selection with mellow tunes and powerful words.