Jan Blomqvist’s Brand New Album “Disconnected” Is The Treat You’ve Been Waiting For

Jan Blomqvist’s latest and brand-new album is this close to becoming available and officially out. The producer announced on his social media the name and date of the release, which is being celebrated with a soon to be album tour.

He named it “Disconnected”, which goes very well with Blomqvist’s nostalgic general vibe and music style. Twelve tracks are nicely packed together into what promises to be a very good treat for fans. Or for any other electro music lover. “Maybe Not” and “Our Broken Mind Embassy” have made the jump, being the two tracks chosen to be the tease before the release. We also have a music video, which makes things so much more exciting. The album is set to be out this Friday, 5th October.

Gorillaz are back with Brand New Album The Now Now

Only last year Gorillaz were back with a much-awaited album after nearly seven years of being in a latent state. The new album, released 28th April and called Humanz, dropped like a gift from the sky, yet nobody could predict how fast a next album would follow. And yet, after nearly one year from Gorillaz’s comeback, a brand new album happened AGAIN. “The Now Now” is set for release into the world on June the 29th. It brings with it lesser collaborations (or so I’ve heard), which is nor good or bad. To have a taste of what’s about to follow, four delicious tracks and a music video made the official debut. I remember ‘Fire Flies’ has been the first for me to listen, followed by ‘Lake Zurich’, ‘Sorcerez’ and last, ‘Humility’. I can only say it feels very summery and chill. All four tracks carry a mix of enchantment, sex-appeal, sensuality, smoothness and nostalgy. I’m all for inhaling these vibes.

Artist Cro Teases Fans With Intriguing Track From Upcoming Album

German artist Cro, singer of raop, as himself is saying, has released at the beginning of June a Cro music track from the upcoming album, with an official date release for 08.09.2017. Pretty clear, right? Not to me. The album title does not disappoint, being millennial appropriate, cool and rebellious but touched by mannerism. And if I indeed have made you curious, it only means that it’s time to beat the drums and announce the “Fake You” title. You have to love this artist for his style.

For the teaser track called “Baum”, translated tree, Cro has spoiled its fans with lots of dope video effects, compiled into a slightly suggestive music video. The lyrics and the story have raised speculations amongst the fans of the artist. Known to be highly private of his personal life and possessive of his panda mask public persona, Cro seems to have had a change of mind, or at least that’s what the music video would suggest. Or not. The point is, Cro seems to enjoy giving its artistry an intriguing storyline but at the same time, keeping the good vibes.

The artist contributed with soundtrack In Love (feat. Teesy) to the 2016 movie Unsere Zeit Ist Jetzt, in which he played as himself. This new album and recent track “Baum” are the perfect gifts the artist has for 2017 to give to its fans.

UPDATE: Cro seems to have had a change of mind regarding the title of his latest album and changed it from ‘Fake You’ to a more polite sounding “Tru”. No matter the name he chooses, the music he has created is undoubtedly great. So “Tru” it is.

Parov Stelar’s Three Track Teaser For The Upcoming Album Comes With a Little Style Change

Parov Stelar‘s new album “The Burning Spider” has a release date for 21st of April but before that we can listen to the three track teaser and say all that we think about it. Me first!

 “Mama Talking” is the latest teaser and it samples vocals from the original Stuff Smith‘s 1997 “It Ain’t Right” track. Sounds: jazz with electro swing.

“The Burning Spider” ft. Lightnin’ Hopkins is a tasty track that makes you wanna dance like nobody’s watching.  The video features scenes from 2005 “Spiele Leben” movie.

Step Two ft. Lilja Bloom unexpected sound comes as a surprise for the fans with its disco-dance, groovy sounds. Very different from the usual electro swing style, the song is beautiful and sassy, bringing a good change to this new album.


Yuksek Has a Brand New Album For Us

Yuksek announced today the release of his new album “Nous Horizon” and THAT my darlings is one very good news. He has been sort of “away” in the past two years or so, sharing just few updates, every once in a while about what he’s been up to and very little about his music – I remember specifically few months ago when finally I got to hear something new from him after a prolonged silence. Well that something new is one song from the bunch that make up this album.

Back to the release, obviously I went and listened to a couple of the tracks and already have two favourites – “Sunrise” and “Live Alone” – a MV collab he had with astronaut Thomas Pesquet for the ESA. The last mentioned is quite different from everything else that’s on the album, nonetheless a very good track and a favourite of mine.

Moving on to “Sunrise” – I have to say about this track as being the style that got me hooked with Yuksek ‘s music in the first place – very airy but rich and feeling compact, BUT most importantly – showing so much of the perfection and quality of Yuksek’s artistry. This track has a MV with a funny storyline and an ending that’s even funnier – just watch it.

Welcome back Yuksek!

The Shoes & New album

The very talented guys from The Shoes teased us with the announcement or preview of their new album called Chemicals and because I drool every time I hear one of their songs sinceI am an obsessed freak, I actually payed attention to the before mentioned “trailer” and already found something to listen for like 1000 times in a row. Yes, it is that bad. Now, apart from the joking part of this post, like I wrote before somewhere in this blog, I think this guys are awesome, making an excellent job with remixes and when creating tracks of their own. So here you have, a good piece of news for a good start of the weekend and let’s hear one the tracks from this new album. Yumm!