K-Pop Band iKON is Back With a New EP

K-pop band iKON is having a successful comeback with their third EP ‘I Decide’, released a couple of days ago. This is two years after ‘Return’ when the band won the hearts of their audience with Love Scenario. It’s already been two years, and the track is still as delightful as always. And now they are doing it again with ‘Dive’. I don’t know how that happened, but their dance performance video made it first into my feed, and at first, I thought it to be something they already had. Speaking of which, for ‘Dive’ they already have an official music video and their dance video, so in a sense, we get a full package. That’s great, cause two years is a long time and this comeback is just what we need.


dOP is Back With A New Track and It’s all so Lovely

French trio dOP is back with a new track, a sensual story of love, featuring Ukrainian artist Alina Pash, the latter also performing in the MV for this lovely release. The title kind of aligns itself with the month of love, however, I’m sure that’s not the reason dOP came with ‘Stone Love’. The sounds are steady, and a bit mysterious, keeping you guessing about what’s to come next. Did I say it is full of sensuality? I did mention it. But that’s what the band does and that’s why we love them so much. Cause it’s so lovey-dovey and modern and groovy and French.

Released: 11 January

Swiss Band Pegasus is Back With a New Album and A New Music Video

Swiss pop-rock band Pegasus is back with a new single from their latest album, ‘Beautiful Life’. To celebrate the release, the guys have made a music video to go along with the poetic lyrics of their song, Metropolitans. “While somebody is dreaming, dreaming of someone like you…” and a whole bunch of tantalizing words and sentences make the song quite a motivating material for anybody who might need a lil push in a blurry day. As for the music video, I can’t get over the train ride (or is it a metro?) which seems to take place above the city drawn in lights in the darkness of the evening. Can’t wait to hear more from this new album, which so far got me hooked thanks to a good vibe selection with mellow tunes and powerful words.