Cro Releases New MV & Track From Album “Tru”

Third studio album from German artist Cro keeps on proving to be with each release quite the catch if we only take a look at the tracks released to the public so far. If you have time, take a look at that and then try out his latest MV. Yes, that’s right, Cro has released a new track from album ‘Tru’ and it is called ‘todas’. The song is a collab between the German rapper and artist Wyclef Jean. Cool urban outfits and almost naked girls are part of the visuals of this new MV, giving you options. Either way, it wins you over. Me? I’m all for Cro and the fashion. And you?

G-Dragon’s Cool Rap Surprises With Lyrics to IU’s “Palette” Track

It happened last Friday, 21st April 2017. For the fans, it felt like a dream come true. For me too. Well, not exactly that romantic, but I am FOR SURE thrilled to hear a track where two of my favorite South Korean artists worked together.

The track, called “Palette” shares the title with the name of the album “Palette“, which is a forth Korean-language studio album for the singer IU. All the tracks are super sweet, but I believe no one was expecting such a lovely surprise. Not that she is not nice, but a collab with G-Dragon is a one of a kind thing.

If you listen to the track, you’ll find yourself slowly relaxing to IU’s seductive voice. The singer-songwriter shares personal thoughts on turning 25 in a witty manner, an expected approach, if you think of her 2015 “birthday” track, labeled “23”.

And then we have G-Dragon, a voice that’s just as appealing to the ears as IU’s.

Great collab guys!