The Music Blog – Releases Coming From Baschi and Tokio Hotel

Two releases from two bands coming from Europe are making the rounds of my Facebook feed. First comes from Swiss artist Baschi who has for a while now, released the latest work under ‘1986’ title. I love Baschi’s chill, emotional and homey vibe. The album consists of eleven tracks with ‘Alti Linde’, ‘Wenn dWält’ and ‘dFlügel uf’ being my picked ones. Baschi is currently touring In Switzerland.

The second band is none other than Tokio Hotel, who’s back with a very beautiful track – ‘Melancholic Paradise’. The song is going to be the official anthem for Germany‘s Next Topmodel 2019, or GNTM, hosted by Heidi Klum. I’m hearing Bill Kaulitz is going to be in the jury. Now that’s a treat! And I admit, I haven’t watched the show for a while. Maybe it’s time for a change.


Tokio Hotel Releases Two Brend New Tracks

Tokio Hotel guys are teasing us with pieces from their new album – Dream Machine (lovely name), releasing two tracks, as a starter – Something New and What If. 

What If, which is the second track frm their album, is a catchy, danceable song with Bill’s dreamy voice singing about love and 5 AM.  Something New, the first track, chill and much slower – almost like an electronic ballad.

Last albume is a favourite of mine, showing the talent, maturity and growth of the band. I am surely excited to hear the rest from this brand new album and listen on repeat, because yes, this guys can do it for you.