It Doesn’t Get Better Than This: The Timeless Beauty Of Serpentine Sofa by Vladimir Kagan

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What better way to beautify your living room than gifting your space with a gorgeous sofa. Sofas are amazing but sometimes is best to put more energy and choose pieces that transcend time and trends, like the serpentine sofas by Vladimir Kagan.

The unconventional shape of the serpentine sofas could easily fool you into believing you’re looking at something from our generation, however, Vladimir Kagan creations, including the serpentine sofas are twice your age.

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The curved shape, availability of colours and length of the arm make this sofas work both for a warm interior and for a minimal space. There is no concept of conventionalism, instead we have elegance, modernism and past -all in one. There are no edges, making everything look smooth and appealing to the hand. It asks for love and touch.

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The serpentine sofas are just a portion from the creative legacy Vladimir Kagan left behind. The famous furniture designer passed away earlier this month. I bet he had beautiful stories, just as beautiful as his creations.

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These are more than sofas. There is an idea, imagination, passion, form, a story, taste, versatility, sensuality and a human being. Then, there is elegance and reputation. Truly, it can not get better than this.